Jandar Of Callisto has ratings and 18 reviews. Derek said: Carter replicates A Princess of Mars (of course) with a plot arc traversing multiple books. Jandar of Callisto [Lin Carter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jandar of Callisto -pocket book. And Jandar of Callisto is pretty shameless. Published in , this novel tells the story of Jonathan Dark, who, while exploring the ruined city of.

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Flashes of humour and wit fail to make up for an aimless and meandering plot. The Magic of Atlantis I have the first two novels, but haven’t read them yet. Callisto they fight a Vastodon.

Report item – opens in a new window or tab. Taken to Zandahar, he escapes and stumbles onto a fencing master who takes pity on him and teaches him to fight. Anthony November 28, at 1: Tharkol, Soraba and Shondakar exist in a de facto political and economic alliance.

You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing. Alien Races of Callisto. There is even the obligatory gladiator-style scene, though I enjoyed the images in this one even more than one I remember from the John Carter series The Chessmen of Mars as memory serves me.


Jandar of Callisto is disappointing and shallow at the beginning, but gets better and better all the time -with a good editor and maybe some bolder moves in narrative it would had been a really good book, but there are errors that can’t really be excused, only ignored for the sake of the ride. Best of all, Jandar at last finds favor with the janddar Darloona, whose relationship with him amid the perils and reverses of the previous books has been decidedly rocky.

Jandar Of Callisto

However, it failed to cure the cancer and left him disfigured. It’s fast paced and entertaining, so I’m going to continue the series to see what Carter has fo store.

Set in orbit on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter, the series of janxar books played like a faithful rendition of the Barsoom series, down to flying warships, exotic princesses, daring swordplay, evil masterminds and nonstop heroics in the Burroughs tradition. Refresh and try again. I doubt I’ll read them. For me, however, it was a disappointment, though I will probably give Lin Carter another shot at some point in the future. It was later gathered together with Black Legion of Callisto into the omnibus collection Callisto: Jonathan Dark Jandarearthman calllsto transported to the Jovian moon of Callisto or Thanatorhas succeeded in rescuing Princess Darloona of Shondakar from the Callitso Pirates of Zanadar, only to see her fall into the hands of the Black Legion, the mercenary force that had previously occupied her native city and driven her and her followers into exile.


Dreams from R’lyeh Most of the story revolves around the last surviving Mind Wizard who kidnaps the jungle girl, Yllanna and her boyfriend Tomar, who appeared all the way back in Sky Pirates.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Why isn’t THIS being made into a movie? Thus his World’s End series in style, plot and subject matter is indistinguishable from Jack Vance’s dying Earth series. Works by Lin Carter. They’re taken to the Zarkoon’s colony, where they wait to be eaten. Let’s set comparison aside for just a second though. If you have further questions – happy to answer them – please email us.

ERBzine Lin Carter’s Callisto

Trading on his relationship to Jandar whom he has never met Carter hangs about in Shondakar and eventually joins the rescue fleet searching for Kurr. Retrieved from ” https: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. His shortcomings might have been a vein for sly or broad satire, a la Harry Flashman, but instead, they’re presented straight on, and uncritically.