Internet Login (email address used to register on ) Details about the file such as the file’s type, permissions, owner and size are displayed. Mandriva ! That looks great File Type: png Screenshot-Mandriva [Running ] – Sun xVM ( KB, views). Last edited. How would one go about dual booting ubuntu with mandriva? I have tried mandriva spring and I find it is quite good also and I would very much like to dual boot the two OS’s Advanced reply Adv Reply . File Type: png.

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Mandriva Linux see development planning Pretty neat, if I say amndriva myself. But we are not just a distribution — we are a project made up of teams, and individuals: Fedora 11, Ubuntu 9.

Ah, at last I think I have found my desktop distro! In addition to fuletype disk partitioning, it will also auto-configure and install the LILO bootloader without user interaction.

Since DistroWatch has a truly international readership, I went through this step to test it for this review. I have tried mandriva spring and I find it is quite good also and I would very much like to dual boot the two OS’s In the DWW interview, Mr.

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I was pleased to find that my wireless network card had been properly auto-configured. It may sound silly, but I’ve been trying to get that to work for quite a while now and I finally did.

So the goal is always reached: Meanwhile Mandriva Linux, which also recently released a new version, is looking ahead by collecting ideas for the upcoming release. DistroWatch Weekly A weekly opinion column and a summary of events from the distribution world.


In the news this past week, Fedora prepares for the grand launch of “Leonidas”, openSUSE opens up its development model to allow more community contribution, and SliTaz publishes a roadmap to stable version 3.

A short list of the major improvements: Contact, corrections and suggestions: It ended like the following: Clu Linux Live 6. But defaults are really easy to change; why can’t you customize it before your demo?

There just isn’t anything that makes it stand out from the crowd. Some of them have more visually appealing and polished desktops with more functionality. The time now is Sure, it’s fast and performs well, but so do lots of ifletype lightweight distros, including a number of Slackware derivatives. InfraLinux is a Russian desktop Linux distribution based on Mndriva. Join Date Dec Beans 7, Here is a list of the official websites for the operating systems that used to have individual forums here.

The next step in the getting started guide is to create ordinary user accounts. The only language supported by the installer is English.

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There is also a variety of sites that provide a very good selection of ready-to-go Slackware The toolchain will include Binutils 2. Have to learn package management at console level, I mean. The largest mandrica best-known repositories of third-party Slackware packages are Slacky. Here is a compilation of 25 such sites related to Fedora that you should bookmark.

Finally, for users of the popular CentOS distribution, the community has published its first bi-weekly magazine, collecting interesting information from the world of the well-respected enterprise distribution. Conclusions I’ll admit I was blindsided mandrlva the release of a new version of Absolute Linux on Saturday.

Despite this, it does maintain package compatibility with Slackware Blog I’m available for programming contributions.


New distributions added to database Hymera Open. The time now is Some have more flexible installers that are every bit as easy to use.

They fully mandrivaa automatic dependency resolution, but I wasn’t able to test if that functionality is working as there appears to be a significant problem with the Absolute Linux repository at the moment.

Not having this basic functionality in a distro that touts itself for being newcomer-friendly and easy-to-use doesn’t make much sense to me. The performance tuning done in the custom-built 2. Many Slackware users prefer to compile software from source code rather mandriv using packages which they might not trust.

Best looking linux distro?

Sherman has just released version I even have a lady that collects metal from dumpsters yeah, a dumpster diver LOL and if she finds an old hp, dell, whitebox, etc she’ll throw it into the back of her truck and see if I want it.

October 12th, 9. StickerYou is your one-stop shop to make your business stick! XtDesk is the icon manager that was used for a long time by Damn Small Linux. filteype

DistroWatch Weekly

On the eve of the release, project manager Paul Frields issued a call to action: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Fortunately, the next item in the menu is “UN-Install Multimedia Files” which once again brought my system into compliance with U. Kind of like when I learned more about the “boot.