() $ (continued on back flap) The Leyden Papyrus The Leyden Papyrus AN EGYPTIAN MAGICAL BOOK EDITED BY F. LI. GRIFFITH AND. F. Ll. Griffith & Herbert Thompson The Leyden Papyrus (An Egyptian Magical Book) Dover Publications Inc. Acrobat 7 Pdf Mb. A page from the Leyden Papyrus X. (facing page 17). A page from the Stockholm Papyrus. (facing page 47). Four plates illustrating ancient Egyptian preparative.

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Asem, 1 stater, or Copper of Cyprus, 3; 4 staters of gold; melt together. You drown a hawk in 22 a measure of wine ; you make the man drink it, then he dies. After having dried the gold leaves, grind with gum and write.

If you wish to test the purity of gold, remelt it and heat it: You grind a little 9 with water ; you rub it on the skin 10 of a man for a short time; then it 11 removes the skin. I will glorify thee in Abydos, I will glorify thee in heaven before Phre, I will glorify thee 12 before the moon, I will glorify thee on earth, I will glorify thee before him who is upon the throne, who is not destroyed, he of the great glory, 13 Peteri, Peteri, Pater, Enphe, Enphe, the god who is above heaven, in pair Shu and Tefnut were worshipped.

A Procedure for Writing in Letters of Gold. Nothing is known of the religious importance of Pelusium, or even of its name in Egyptian, but the city is mentioned in a Greek invocation quoted below at 1. But as will be seen from the complete translation here published, there is nothing in the work relating to the gnostic systems — it deals with magic and medicine, and it seems a misnomer to call the MS.

For ste see note to 1. Having heated it with alum and natron, melt.

Wine was imported from Syria in amphorae, but probably some special ware was denoted by this name. The introduction of three invocations of con- siderable length written in Greek characters almost compels us to accept that origin for those particular sections, viz.


When the light appears, you turn round? For treating gold, otherwise called, purifying gold and rendering it brilliant: I, II ; Amherst Pap. Follow this procedure first: The latter is the correct form of the word. One first casts it in the furnace with equal parts of them.

Besides all the letters of the Greek alphabet we find the following used: The related Stockholm papyrus was found together with these, and Anastasy donated it to Sweden in More than stopped- action photos, in action series, showing undraped men, women, children jumping, lying down, throwing, sitting, wrestling, carrying, etc. Ill 35 and you take a new dish and fill it with 10 clean Oasis oil and add to the dish gradually without producing cloudiness?

From this it will be seen to consist mainly of directions for divination processes involving numerous invocations, together with erotica and medical prescriptions, in which, however, magic plays as large a part as medicine.

Papyrus Graecus Holmiensis – Wikipedia

II 3 1 21 here to-day. Having boiled some beets, carefully clean the objects of copper and silver with the juice. When you have finished, you make the child open leden eyes, you ask him, saying, ‘ Is the god coming in? You go to a dark clean recess with its face open to the south and you purify it with 4 natron- water, and you take a new white lamp in which no red earth or gum-water has been put and place a clean wick 5 in it and fill it with real oil after writing this name and these figures on the wick with ink of myrrh beforehand; 6 and you lay it on a new brick before you, its underside being spread with sand; and you pronounce these spells over the lamp again another seven times.

For a similar list of names see Pap. Formula for acquiring praise and honour. Step by step approach to clay, plaster, metals, stone; classical and modern.


Leyden papyrus X

Abrasax, in Smith, Diet. For silvering objects of copper: The plural of ‘e-t, ‘limbs,’ is hots- in O. But possibly the n was retained in O. Mix some cinnabar with alum, pour some white vinegar upon this, and having brought it all to the consistency of wax, press out several times and let it stand over night.

Lot Moulot may perhaps be the missing words, cf.

The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden Index

Note this gloss as a variant or correction of nte-k ty, also in 1. In he sold a number of papyri to the Dutch government, which were lodged at the Leiden University Library, and ppapyrus alphabetically from A to Z. Behold the spell-copy also? The shadow is probably that of the god appearing in the lamp.

Florals, landscapes, birds and animals, geometries, letters, etc. If you do it 34 by vessel-inquiry of the lamp, you fill the lamp aforesaid on a new brick ; you make the boy stand upright 35 before the lamp, he having his face covered ; you recite to his head, standing over him, this Greek invocation ; when you have finished, you uncover 36 his face, then he answers you truthfully.

Not many documents written in hieratic have been ascertained to be later than the first century a. Formula for producing love or death of a woman, and acquiring papyrud. Apparently the pronoun is explained by the subsequent S’rbytha, and the passage may be translated ‘ by the name of Sarbitha.

It gives a list of 37 secret leydrn of plants, invented by holy scribes, containing code names such as “snake’s blood””rat’s tail”, and “lion’s semen”.