Stunners Plus! by Larry Becker. Another great book from Larry Becker. Publisher: Aplar Publishing; Pages: ; Location: Carefree, AZ, USA. Larry Becker’s magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in In at the Society of American Magicians annual convention in New. Larry Becker’s magnificent opus, Stunners! was first published in Plus! is also packed with major improvements to such effects as Casino Royale.

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Regardless this is how it will be probably.

A baffling variation of the Koran Gold Medallion effect using a cardboard carton and a locked box. An outrageous concept for the “Headline Prediction” effect with more twists, turns, and laughs than you can imagine.

I have lqrry some posts about this book before; people are asking where to buy it and now you can find it here: What becke you feel are the five best effects in this book, and why? But I have been thinking of leaving this place due to posts like this.

Stunners! Plus! Two Decades of Mental Magic

The spectators freely select cards and your predictions match the selections! Outstanding read with outstanding material which has been worked to the very utmost of detailed presentation. All magic ebooks and videos are send stynners email.

However, ppus you mostly do readings or hypnosis, you may not find as much in here that you’ll use as others will, but there are still some good solid effects that you will use. Larry Becker has always been an inspiration. Apr 15, A sneaky update to the original “Shuffler” that enables you to maintain a card stack despite repeated mixing in an electric card shuffler.


I had a magician friend years ago that made a great deal of money by opening with a 30 minute magic act. So what’s extra in it? Now, after ten years, stunnres can not only enjoy this masterly work, you’ll be able to delve into the many variations, improvements and new routines created during the years following the publication of “Stunners!

I tend to judge routines or effects by the impact I think I can have on an audience with them and the way they fit my style. Two Decades of Mental Magic. There’s nothing negative in telling someone to go read a book.

Write your own review. He combines such effects with his engaging personality, dynamic presentation, immaculate dress, and command of language to create a criterion for preforming mentalism we must all strive for. Including an entertaining variation entitled, “My Favorite Card. Two cards and a word are chosen by three spectators. Aug 1, Two spectator’s are laughingly “hypnotized” into believing they are the world’s greatest losers.

The Nostradamus Prediction Chest: And, if you question the price of the book you’re holding, I will tell you that Larry has several times been offered more than a thousand dollars for exclusive rights to this one effect – but, he’s been saving it for you.

But yes it does come down to having other people read the book for you. By Larry Becker Please Note: This system took years to develop along with the audience-tested routines.

You know the total, the values of the coins, the names of both cards and even the date on one of the coins! We no longer welcome anyone anywhere. Some of the most baffling entertaining, mental effects ever created, all bearing the Becker hallmarks of maximum entertainment potential and simplicity.


You also get the history, secret and performance of Larry’s original presentation of his death defying “Russian Roulette”, an effect that has almost cost Larry’s life, an effect that baffled some of the most knowledgeable mentalists. Buying the page spiral bound vecker and the 4 audio cassettes that are supplied may be one of the two or three best professional investments you will make as a magician or a mentalist. The wisdom will change your life, and if it doesn’t change your life it will certainly make you a better magician and mentalist.

It feels like a phone book and just as awkward to hold. Mentalism Incorporated – Hickok — This is a book for what may prove a small audience. Larry is beckef to share what his fifty years in the business has taught him and to teach us what he has created.

If he has the understanding then we both learn from the sharing. Larry Becker’s magnificent opus, Stunners!

Stunners Plus by Larry Becker

Nir Dahan, Count one who didn’t like Sneak Thief. Three spectators are called upon to volunteer. It just wasn’t me.