Create your own · Report. ¿donde esta la franja amarilla? WILLIAM OSPINA. CV. CARMEN VILLAMIZAR. Updated 17 May Transcript. Choose a template. ¿Dónde está la franja amarilla? William Ospina. No description La casa de los espíritus · La casa de los espíritus. William Ospina, ‘Dónde Está La Franja Amarilla? . Ospina poses the value and role civil society should and could have in the struggle against.

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William Ospina, ‘Dónde Está La Franja Amarilla? (The Yellow Stripe)’

Copyright Peace News – See our reprint policy. No army defends peace! Also in this Issue Editorial: The yellow stripe – the third and non-aligned colour in the Colombian flag – is the chance to pursue this. Danilo Zolo, ‘Invoking Humanity: Japanese activists take to the amarillq News. San Jose de Apartado Feature. A permanent process Feature. War and peace Global South.

¿Dónde está la franja amarilla ? – William Ospina – Google Books

Two statements from March on the breakdown of peace negotiations Feature. Arundhati Roy, ‘Power Politics’ Review. Cooperative Activities for Building Social Skills’. An obstacle to “progress” Feature. Other sectors of civil society whose voices are not included in this passionate reflection may still feel respect for the courage and constructiveness of Ospina’s words. Imprisoned refuser pays tribute News.


Morning in Colombia Feature. Stop the violence of Coca-Cola in Colombia and in the world!

Peace organisations involved in Colombia solidarity work Feature. However, it is actually addressed to the population living there, as if the author could not hold back a need to urge a people despised for williaj by their own plunderers aristocracy of unscrupulous political leaders, immoral world market and ever increasing military expenditure – utterly useless to recover their dignity. Rebirth of solidarity Feature. Polyp, ‘Big Bad World: Blood and fire Feature.

A volunteer’s letter home Feature.

Decentralised co-operation on peace-building Feature. We seek to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on cooperation and responsibility.

News in Brief 1. Ospina poses the value and role civil society should and could have in the struggle against violence and in the construction of democracy, a true life for the inhabitants of the country. ISBN 04 7.

It is easier to begin an armed struggle than to end one Feature. Vida y Paz Colombia Feature. Welcome to Peace Newsthe newspaper for qmarilla UK grassroots peace and justice movement. This brief book was initially written by its Colombian author in order to explain to a US American friend the roots of the complex situation of violence in Colombia.


Donde Esta La Franja Amarilla

Also in this issue Editorial: Filling the gaps Comment. Mukulika Banerjee, ‘The Pathan Unarmed: Anti-war feeling mounts around the world News.

Dreaming of a different tomorrow Feature.