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English 16 — Creative Paniitkan English The Teaching of Literature This course presents the different approaches and literary theories necessary for effective interpretation and of different literary forms or genres.

Kontemporaryong Panitikan

The topics included are geometric relationships, triangles congruence, quadrilaterals, similarity, circles, geometric constructions, plane coordinate geometry and space figures. Enter the number of students who got the correct answers You are done. No student shall be allowed to take more units on the load for the semester; however, graduating panitikqn with better than average record may be permitted to carry a heavier load in the last year of his course. Management includes lay-out and design, equipment selection, food service system, organization and management, personal management, kintemporaryong financial management.

It covers the study of various portable machines used in woodworking. It further expands the discussion of the electricity and electronics. Failure requires reenrollment, and repetition of the course. English 4 — Literatures of the World This course identifies the important works of renowned writers from the different parts of the world and focuses on the literary development of the leading panitiikan literatures. Transfer of Student The following rules shall govern the admission of transfer — students: Techno 4 – Wood Finishing This subject describes the various principles in wood finishing the materials, tools and equipment used and the methods of application.

English 23 — Language Research Develops skills in applying principles and approaches in research to find answers to questions in language teaching and learning.

ErlynMil Calejesan

Sociology 1 — Society and Culture with Family Planning This course deals with the study of human society, its origin, development, forms and processes. It offers the students an opportunity to learn when and how mathematics can be used in many different real life situations.


Pagangkop ng kurikulum sa mga kondiyon at sitwasyong lokal. Education 2 — Principles of Teaching 1 This course introduces the nature of learning and teaching to prospective teachers.

It intends to train students in the operation of portable woodworking machines and assemble parts. Form or High School Report Card b.

The student will also present a research proposal and conduct a research based on the approved proposal as a training in conducting scientific research. This will enable future teachers guide and assist students to develop their problem solving abilities.

Techno 6 — Structural Construction, Framework, Stair Building and Estimating This involves kkntemporaryong development of the skills on the preparation of the skeleton of the semi-permanent, permanent and standard buildings and the functional technical knowledge and information desired in the construction of the building.

Enter answer keys Step 3: Guevarra-bio-gws – University of Illinois at Chicago. Sci 1 — Politics and Governance with the Philippine Constitution This course deals with the structure and operations of the government and the legal basis involved panktikan as defined by the Philippine Constitution. It gives the essential knowledge pnitikan understanding of the principles, theories of stresses, design of stairs, technical terms, job specifications, materials, planning and estimating.

Find any contents from this site.

KONTEMPORARYONG by ErlynMil Calejesan on Prezi

Ideally, students are discouraged from shifting courses; however, approval is granted on a case-to case basis. It also includes social and party activities which provide increased opportunities for people to share fun and fellowship. It also identifies the major contributions of great civilizations, the emergence of the nations, panihikan and industrial discoveries and other factors.

That the course for which the credits are claimed conform with the curriculum offered as evaluated by the Dean or Registrar.

In the absence of the special power sewing machine, the ordinary sewing machines and equipment are used but procedures and methods are introduces and practiced. Kontemporwryong 4 – Shampooing and Hot oil Treatment The course deals theories and principles in hot oil treatment as well as scalp manipulations. It includes inferential statistics. It focuses on kontemporagyong application of algebraic concepts and skills on problem solving situations in order to develop logical thinking and problem solving creativity.


Training is given such operation as pressing, shaping and handling skills making sleeves, collars, lapel and joining parts of the garments finishes. Basic course on contemporary theories and research on the cognitive, metacognitive, motivational, socio-cultural, and individual difference factors in the acquisition of knowledge.

English 14 — Intro to Stylistics This course aims to develop the ability to use the conceptual frameworks and schemes of linguistics and literature in understanding literary language.

Physical Education 2 — Fundamentals of Rhythmic Activities This kontrmporaryong deals with both theoretical and practical aspects of rhythmic activities.

The students will review samples of scientific researches, prepare abstract, and critique some theses.

Filipino 11 — Maikling Kwentong Filipino Sumsaklaw sa pag-aaral ng pangkasanayang pag-unlad ng maikling kuwentong Filipino nang may pagbibigay diin sa mga sangkap nito sa pamamgitan kontrmporaryong pagsusuri sa ilang mahalagang maikling kuwento magbuhat noong. It provides opportunity to create original design to individual or jobs in relation to current pantikan trends.

Anyo ng Kontemporaryong Panitikang Filipino by crestina dehillo on Prezi

Moreover, the course gives emphasis on creative hairstyling kontemporarong suit hair arrangement to personality, age, and attire worn. They will experience the process of identifying and addressing problems, issues and concerns in mathematics teaching and learning following sound research principles.

Develop research competencies among jontemporaryong teachers in the fields relevant to teacher education; 6. Math 5 – Plane and Solid Geometry The course equips students with working knowledge in reasoning and in proving theorems particularly in points, lines, planes, congruence, inequalities, parallelism, proportionality, similarity and circles.

It also includes heat flow calculations due to conduction, convection and radiation.