The theme of Kanthapura is the unification of different Indian castes under a Gandhian system of social justice during the fight against British rule of India. At the. Raja Rao’s first novel Kanthapura () is the story of a village in south India named Kanthapura. The novel is narrated in the form of a. This is the story of how Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for independence from the British came to a typical village, Kanthapura, in South India. This edition includes .

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Log In Sign Up. Only the patel of the village stays back there and other people settle in some other village. RaghavanMahadevi Varma It’s really kantahpura but it’s just copy and paste He was the eldest of 9 siblings, having seven sisters and a brother named Yogeshwara Ananda.

It takes an army to resist violence! Typical Indian thought process shown and one does feel closer to reality of those times even though the work is only inspired by the reality. Moorthy was released later and he came out as strong as he was. Here the community is the protagonist. S V Ramani 16 Gy at All of this adds to the book rather than detracts from it. An Anthology Tomorrow —44 Whither India? However this novel depicts the tension that Gandhi fomented within Indian society amongst different castes.

Very interesting book explores the Gandhian thoughts.



Raghavan Dukhan Ram T. The hero of this story, Moorthy, has returned to his southern Indian village Kanthapura near Mysore as a Gandhi devotee. When Moorthy turned up, Bade Khan hit him and the pariah coolies stood with Moorthy.

The Serpent and the Rope was written after a long silence during which Rao returned to India. Krishnaswamy Rao Pattadakal Venkanna R. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Human emotio I have never seen such experimentation with language and grammar as in this novel.

The village is believed to be protected by a local deity named Kenchamma. It also includes repeated uses of non-English words, explained in the footnotes in the back of the book. Posthumous conferral — — — — — — — The book is a fictional account of a quaint little village in the southern part of India.

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readings: Free English Literature Notes: Summary of the novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

Kemudian dilanutkan dengan mencoba menanam padi sendiri, hingga membuat Kongres. Preview — Kanthapura by Raja Rao. The work dramatised the relationships between Indian and Western culture.

Athar Malik 18 December at The narrative bt the summary is very clearly stated. Perlawanan rakyat India terhadap kolonial Inggris di masa Gandhi.

I find it much helful. Mar 14, Swetha Godavarthi rated it really liked it. Pavate Datto Vaman Potdar B.

Pet to Nagamangala and coming rajq a board that said Kanthapura. Kanthapura by Raja Rao. Reena Kapoor 8 December at Not only you did a marvellous job by stating the facts right but also maintained the quality of language which is equally important.


As the narrator tells us of the approaching monsoon, you can almost hear the rumbling of the clouds and the whoosh of the wind.

Feb 12, Belinda rated it did bj like it Shelves: Srinivas Ponnam 14 March at Arrest of the satyagrhis, kanthpaura police brutality to women became a part of the everyday life of the people in Kanthapura. What I personally liked the most that in this novel, the grand harikathas finely blend politics with religious and mythology.

I’m having my exam tomorrow and was finding the novel very tiring especially the names of the characters so hard to pronounce being flustered at the same time. Aug 01, Vikrant Rana rated it it was ok.

Fearing the greater mobility of people of Kanthapura under the leadership of Moorthy, the foreign government accused him of provoking people to inflict violence it and arrested him. The story is the common story of a rural village undergoing political change. This is a shining example of the kind b books that professors set for mandatory reading that make you want to scratch your own eyeballs out with a rolling pin.

Heartbroken to hear it, his mother Narasamma passed away.