Implementors of JSTL and authors of JSP pages may find the The JavaServer Pages™ Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification is the result. The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) is a component of the Java EE Web application development platform. It extends the JSP specification by. Apache hosts the Apache Standard Taglib, an implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification. Various versions are.

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JavaServer Pages(TM) Standard Tag Library (JSTL) Specification Maintenance Release

The JSTL includes a number of actions that provide a mechanism for interacting with databases. Before we dive into the various functional areas in the JSTL, we should start with the expression language. If a parameter that represents the month is passed in the spceification as a Stringthe value of the month variable will be correct because the String will be coerced to the correct type when used.

Using paramValues is particularly useful if you have a form with check boxes or for some other reason a parameter might have multiple values like a multiselect box.

All of these xScope objects are Maps that map the respective scope attribute names spcification their values. The initParam gives access to context initialization parameters, while cookie exposes cookies received in the request.

The page author is the person who builds the JSP pages. To follow psecification Model-View- Controller MVC architecture, which is the predominant design pattern used in building web applications today, you definitely want to keep your model information in your business logic.

What it means to jslt EL in attributes can be shown in the following example: With escapeXml set to false:. There has always been a need although not a requirement that the page authors have some understanding of a programming language usually Java in order to create complex pages.

To ensure that the data is displayed to the user correctly we would use: While the JSTL is commonly referred to as a single tag library, it is actually composed of four separate tag libraries: The I18N functional area can be broken down into two main areas: General-purpose actions that are used to manipulate the scoped variables that might be found within a JSP. To ensure that the data is displayed to the user correctly we would use:.


This is about as easy as it gets to incorporate international support into your application. If you are careful about how you code your SQL actions, it should be easy enough to pull out the code and put it into classes that represent the Model interaction at a later point. This means that you don’t want it in your JSPs. The value to be written to the JspWriter is specified as a value attribute. Let’s examine how the data source is set up and configured.

While the JSTL is commonly referred to as a single tag library, it is actually composed of four separate tag libraries:. If we were accessing the English version of the resource bundle,Welcome Sue would appear in the JspWriter. The automatic type conversion is a very convenient feature of the EL in that a full set of coercion between various object and soecification types is supported.

Using the JSTL will not only make your JSPs more readable and maintainable, but will allow you to concentrate on good design and implementation practices in your pages. The previous sentence should, at a very minimum, send up a red flag in your architectural visions. An exception occured trying to convert String “September”to type “java. These objects allow for access to any variables that are held in the particular JSP scopes.

You can reach her at sspielman at switchbacksoftware.

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

The paramValues and headerValues are Maps that map parameter and header names jatl a String[] of all values for that parameter or header. The community has asked for it, the community has gotten it. Using separate TLDs to expose the tags, the functionality for each set of actions is apparent and makes more sense. Coercion means that the page author isn’t responsible for converting parameters into the appropriate objects or primitives. Writing Output to the JspWriter There are four general-purpose tags.

The following sections are excerpted from various chapters within the JSTL: This capability is controlled by the escapeXml attribute. The answer is yes. Let’s look at each functional section in the Core tag library a bit more closely.