A new hardcover edition of Zerzan’s first collection of essays, exploring alienation and the (John Zerzan, Author) Goodreads reviews for Elements Of Refusal. John Zerzan: Just today I was talking with a guy from the New York Times, and though I don’t know exactly what his focus is, he’s much more. Elements of Refusal. Review. Elements of Refusal by John Zerzan Second Edition, by CAL Press/Paleo Editions, POB , Columbia, MO , USA.

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Insofar as people understand that the whole setup is toxic from one end to the other, from its very foundation, then the rest just follows. And yet the refusal of farming drudgery, even in adverse sellings, bears its own rewards.

If you are interested in a philosophical deconstruction of modernity then this is the book for you. Like his friend Ted Kaczynski, Zerzan is a revolutionary intellectual, and you can’t separate the two terms and do refhsal to their work. Again, Zerzan begs to differ, stating that, “Agriculture has been and remains kohn ‘catastrophe’ at all levels, the one which underpins the entire material and spiritual culture of alienation now destroying us”, and argues that “liberation is impossible without its dissolution.

One person found johnn helpful. To devise and administer a successful code of factory discipline, suited to the necessitiesof factory diligence, was the Herculean enterprise, the noble achievement of Arkwright.

Another, more immediate impact of agriculture, brought to light increasingly in recent years, involved the physical well-being of its subjects. For Zerzan, the past’s role in the present is one of delegitimising domination and engendering resistance. Product of the zerzaan repressed Puritan outlook, which focused on sublimating sexual energy into brutalizing labor, Newton spoke of absolute time, “flowing equably without regard to anything external.

Britain inin any case, engendered a number of foreign visitors’ zersan that its common people were much “given to riot,” according to historian E. But the strategy of trying to empty art of symbolic value, the insistence on the work of art as an object in its own right in a world of objects proved a virtually self -annihilating method. The progress of symbolization, from the symbolizing of words, to that of syllables, and finally to letters in an alphabet, iinposed an increasingly irresistible sense of order and control.

Department of Agriculture ‘. Showing of 9 reviews. Get to Elementd Us.

hohn In Botswana, the last wilder- ness region of Africa has disappeared like much of the Amazon jungle and almost half of the rainforests of Central America, primarily to raise cattle for the hamburger markets in the U. Bertrand Russell, in lact, determined that mathematics and logic had become one.


Observing this turning away from quality to quantity, this nl. And then the next level: Human helplessness seems to be directly proportional to mathematical technology’s domination over nature, or as Adorno phrased it, “the subjection of outer nature is successful only in the measure of the repression of inner nature.

I hope others don’t hesitate to pick this up and give it an honest open minded read. Banal, morally weightless, deperson- alized images, cynically manipulated by a fashion-conscious marketing stratagem; the nothingness of modern art and its world revealed The proliferation of art styles and approaches in the ’60s— Conceptual Minimalist, Performance, etc.

The relationship of the hunter to the hunted animal, which is sovereign, free and even considered equal, is obviously qualitatively different from that of the farmer or herdsman to the enslaved chattels over which he rules absolutely. The scrupulous tending of strains of plants finds its parallel in the domesticating of animals, which also defies natural selection and re- establishes the controllable organic world at a debased, artificial level. During this period, which is likely either synonymous with the beginnings of language or registers its first real dominance, a mounting unrest surfaced, John Pfeiffer described this in terms of the erosion of the egalitarian hunter-gatherer traditions, as Cro- Magnon established its hegemony.

The Revolt Against Work’ smacks of the disillusionment that one who had devoted so much time, energy and hope in the liberatory potential of such an enterprise would justifiably feel upon its failure.

By the fourteenth century, public use of mechanical clocks introduced abstract time as the new medium of social life. Much of their work is necessarily ”anthropologically” grounded. Gwyn Williams Artisans and Sans-Culottes found it hard to find a single year free from popular uprisings; “England was preeminently the country of the eighteenth- century mob,” he wrote. Occasionally critics, like Thomas Lawson, bemoan art’s current inability “to stimulate the growth of a really troubling doubt,” little noticing that a quite noticeable movement of doubt threatens to throw over art itself Such “critics” cannot grasp that art must remain alienation and as such must be superseded, that art is disappearing because the immemorial separation between nature and art is a death sentence for the world that must be voided.

Concerning the latter, Breton held that “enjoy- ment is a science; the exercise of the senses demands a personal initiation and therefore you need art.

Full text of “Elements of Refusal”

Johannessen discussed the religious and niysliciil motives connected with the domestication of maize, Mexico’s most rfusal crop and center of its native Neolithic religion. Regularization, rule patterning, and technologi- cal differentiation, under the sign of division of labor, interact to ground and advance symbolization. In Babylon, merchant-mathematicians contrived a comprehensive arithmetic between and B.


Though they were soon eclipsed by other advances of the 16 0s, Johannes Kepler and Francis Bacon revealed its two most important and closely related aspects early in the century. De Vries is correct in his judgment that duration of life dropped sharply upon refusall with civilization.

Elements Of Refusal: John Zerzan: : Books

Food has been one of our most direct contacts with the natural environment, but we are rendered increasingly dependent on a techno- logical production system in which finally even our senses have become redundant; taste, once vital for judging a food’s value or safety, is no longer experienced, but rather certified by a label. What if there were another hundred black-block people, smashing it up?

It may be that this inquiry is essential to save us and our humanness.

The sacred means thai which is separated, and ritual and formalization, increasingly removed from tiic ongoing activities of daily life and in the control of such specialists as shamans and priests, arc closely linked with hierarchy and instiliilion. During the first million or so years as reflective beings humans seem to have created no art.

As a formalizing, indoctrinating device, the dramatic power of art fulfilled this need for cultural coherence and the continuity of authority. In the s Robert Lowell gave succinct expression to the extremity of the alienation of time: This can be daunting, intimidating, even frightening. The deep, powerful break I hat was announced by the birth of language prefigured and overshad- owed the arrival of civilization and history, a mere 10, years ago.

Would you like to tell ov about a lower price? To him numbers were immutable and eternal. Time and Time Again. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. With language we have already accommodated ourselves to a world of unfrcedom. But there are also an zeezan lot who are afraid of that position. Pigs live on a ncrete floors with no bedding; foot-rot, tail-biting and cannibalism are endemic because of physical conditions and stress. If you have an idea, contact us at: The Hegelian idea of the autonomy of alienated activity tinds a perfect application with mathematics; it has its own laws ot growth.

The book begins at the beginning by reviewing what is known about the origins of time, language, numbers, art and agriculture.