\r Character are rendered propperly by the JEditorPane but they seem to be invisible to the selection mechanism. If some text is displayed with \r characters any. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use JEditorPane class to create a simple web browser that displays simple HTML document. Hi Java Gurus, I am trying to use the swing component; JEditorPane to display a document that I have saved in HTML format. The path of the document is.

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Using a JEditorPane to display a web page

After parsing of an entity it doesn’t do that, though it should. Provides a customized text pane. In order to use editor panes and text panes, you need to understand the text system, which is described in Text Component Features. Post as a guest Name. Using Jeditorpanr Components Section: That forces a space to be inserted.

Be aware that the document and editor kit might change when using the setPage method. The text pane at the lower right demonstrates that you can easily embed images and even components directly into text panes. Alternatively, to compile and run the example yourself, consult the example index.

Thanks for this tip. Even on doing as you said, still there is the same error message: The release containing this fix may be available for download as an Early Access Release or a General Availability Release. Two Swing classes support styled text: How to Make Dialogs Next page: Attempted t read a bad file file: Command-line output to running “java Entity” is: Although this is an interesting example that concisely demonstrates several features of JTextPane”real-world” programs aren’t likely to initialize a text pane this way.


This bug can be reproduced always. You have not added the JEditorPanesee my update. The TextSamplerDemo example barely begins to demonstrate the capabilities of editor panes and jeditorpahe panes. However, I believe I am having problems with setting up my input jsditorpane and output stream. Finally, you also need to add getContentPane.

Sign up using Email and Password. To begin using text, you might want to run these programs and examine their code to find something similar to what you want to do. If the text format is known, the editor pane initializes itself with the text found at the URL. Kindly, jedirorpane at my code and tell where I am doing wrong.

Here is the code from TextSamplerDemo. Next, the code creates the URL object, and calls the setPage method with it.

This will give you a true hint on what is going on: Still the same error: I include example jeditorpzne code that exhibits the bug. The cases where it occurs appears to be when the entity reference is at the start of the document or is immediately preceded by an HTML tag. But still my frame does not open the file. Now after so much of your help, error messages are gone.

How to Use Various Components. Illustrates many text component features, such as undo and redo, document filters, document listeners, caret change listeners, and how to associate editing actions with menus and key strokes. To download the current JDK release, click here. The code uses the default constructor to create the editor pane, then calls setEditable false so the user cannot edit the text. Here is a picture of the TextSamplerDemo example.


This section introduces their capabilities, offers hints on which one you might want to use, and points to other sources of information.

Using a JEditorPane to display a web page

There should be a space between the entity and the word following it, as there is in the input. Here we list the facts again and provide a bit more detail. By using our site, you acknowledge that jeditorpae have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Next, the code loops over the arrays, inserts the text into the text pane, and specifies the style to use for the inserted text. Can you open it in a text editor? If you need a fully-fledged help system, take a look at the javahelp project.

java – Using JEditorPane to open a text file – Stack Overflow

Several facts about editor panes and text panes are scattered throughout that section. I am trying to open a text file in a frame using JEditorPane in an non-editable mode. Preceding the entity reference by text will not exhibit the problem.