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World Cup – Counter Strike. Designed using optimum quality material, these products are widely acknowledged in diverse industrial applications.

Luckily the band had good quality sound to work with through FOH, because Jjbl spent most of three nights trying to manage enough clear SPL’s from the JRX’s to keep the singers happy, and I never did quite get what I 20 “good” from them. I am bringing in a Presonus Studiolive Portable Speaker in New Delhi.

Planning on less-is-more for this one, it’s not metal or anything where huge SPL will be a priority. Dave Rickard Freshman Jan 4, Concert was held on March 19rd ….

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The club just reopened had a new system installed, not deployed too well for bands 4 speakers hung, aimed at the dance floor from each corner, subs were on stage. Maroon 5 – Bucharest, Romania He’s been budgeting for a while and we have a jbp starting point for a club mrx that will serve them nicely. I’m guessing no processing will be available beyond a basic analog crossover and what I’ll have in the SL.


This is a person room, very reflective of course! What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. If you can get the band to work with you guitar amps aimed so that they actually help with stage monitoring; overall stage levels kept in in check, etc.

I almost got twice the fun, because I found out that night that they were playing a Sunday night gig just up the road, and again intended on using their JRX FOH. Apart from this, we have set up a quality management system in which our professionals conduct rigorous checks on these products to assure that these are flawless.

With performance, value and popular price points, we are going to be building a lot of JRX speakers. High frequency coverage was terrible because of where the boxes were aimed, but I was able to coax a pretty good mix.

Call Send a quick message. Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship. After the positive results from Fri-Sat, the band realized that they had no chance of adequately serving that room, so we got better FOH SRX ‘s 2 per side over EV T18s 4 per sideand put on a third succesful show.

Download Full Premium themes – Chech Here. Jan 11, 2, 20 38 San Francisco, CA www. Being a respectable company, we have established a modern infrastructural area that is bjl with all the requisite facilities required for the production. Forums New posts Search forums.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Positioning is ultra-important with JRX.

Anyone with JBL JRX experience?

Maroon 5 Bucharest June 5, Each of these models can be paired with a 18″ subwoofer JRXSwich adds to the strength and fullness of the bass sound. It has been made as a product of the aspirations of JBL to create a solution that will comprise the seemingly conflicting values – the preservation of performances and image that JBL carefully nurtured, with prices that are affordable to far more people than it generally applies to solutions and products of this brand.


Martin Primus Freshman Jan 7, The worst scenario I have seen is multiple JRX boxes deployed next to each other. The concert at the stadium. Mar 31, 59 0 0.

JRX Products | JBL Professional

This means we can apply efficient, high-volume production methods and purchase materials at the lowest cost. About the only advice I have is don’t expect too much, and keep jrxx out of the PA that can stand on its own so the JRX gear has less to do. The smallest in the JRX family is Krx – 12″ passive box, whose primary purpose is monitoring the live performances.

Get best deals for coconut. Let us know how it goes well or not. My biggest concerns are vocal clarity from the quasi-three way tops and trying to get the lower-crossed 15 in the top to play with the subs in some kind of manner that minimizes the muddiness.