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ISO INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Serial control and. STANDARD. ISO. First edition. Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Serial control and communications data network —. 9P/12V “ISOBUS (IBBC)” socket (ISO ). Breakaway Connector – Active. Part No.: No. of poles: 9. Design/Version: Active (Master) Housing.

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Cookies used for logging in, ordering, analysis and personalised information. By default, a corrugated tube size NW 19 is used. Images of open end cables: The contact carriers are overmoulded with durable TPU. The material used is approved according to UL By accepting these cookies, you are ensuring that our website functions correctly.

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This is possible when you are affiliated with kso dealer in your area. Trans Innovation Group ido comprised of the following companies:. For more information, read our privacy and cookie statement Accept Cookies Cookie settings You can choose between three cookie settings. CONEC has developed a dust protection cap for the female version 11783-22 uses it to protect the contact area against dirt and moisture. Precision farming indicates for the targeted management of utilized agricultural land, e.

Automatic login to My Account Analysis of visitor behaviour to improve the website Creation of customer profiles to allow us to provide you with personalised information and ads Accept Cookies. Introduction With increasing demands on the efficiency in agriculture, precision farming is becoming more and more important. To ensure the necessary communication between tractor, equipment and agricultural management software, the non-proprietary ISOBUS is used.

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Go Back Accept Cookies. In the IBBC, the bayonet coupling is overridden and the connector is locked in place with a spring bracket.

ISOBUS connector ISO 11783-2

Examples of what these are used for are: Cookies used for logging in, ordering, analysis, personalised information, social media and cookies from third parties. In kso male connector, position 5 is not wired and not equipped.

By default, the dust protection cap is connected to the connector by means of a captive stainless steel lanyard.

In unmated condition, the IBBC is protected against moisture and dirt by a protective cap with integrated seal. The corrugated tube is made of durable plastic PA6. Images of connecting cables: The is version is round, optionally there is also a landing plate with flattened outer surface. Connecting cables are available in cable lengths of 6, 9 and 12 m. You can choose between three cookie settings.

Use cookies to ensure that this website functions correctly Track anonymous statistics Research user behaviour Display information that may be of interest Track personal statistics Use information for our ads Share your personal details. CONEC provides a version with corrugated tube for better protection of the hybrid cable. Needless to say, we take good care of your privacy. Due to the integration into the overmould, continuous protection of the housing up to the cable is ensured.


Used solely for logging in, ordering and allowing the website to function to a reasonable extent. Select columns to display. Unit Connection Decibel Packaging pcs.

ISOBUS connector ISO – KRAMP

If you click Accept cookies below, you are agreeing to the use of these cookies. Contact pin male Fem. Plug housing 4 P. Contact Contact Find a dealer. If you ieo not want to accept all cookies, you can change this in your settings. Request account Find a Kramp dealer. Read more about Kramp Cookies. Other lengths are available upon request. Choosing the standard setting will allow us to provide you with the best website experience.

Do you want to sell products via Kramp as a dealer? The contact carrier has the 9-pin contact layout specified by the standard. You only permit the minimum number of cookies. Here’s what we do: Interested in buying products? Previous Post Next Post. Overmoulding offers optimum protection in harsh environments, as in agriculture, but also in the construction and mining industries.

Images of open end cables:. Upon request, the connectors can be supplied completely without landing plate. Examples of what these are used for are:.