C-Bus Honeywell proprietary Control Bus for communications between Excel 10 W Controllers: WA Constant Volume AHU Controller. Product – Brand: Honeywell; Product Number: WA; SINGLE ZONE AHU WITH STAGED HEAT/COOL OR HEAT PUMP. Category: HVAC. Product Identifiers. GTIN. BRAND. Honeywell. MPN. WA UPC. eBay Product ID (ePID).

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W7750a005 worst case, that uses the largest possible VA load, should be determined when sizing the transformer. Degrees F to 18 Degrees C to 10 0 X X X X SetPtOffset is input from an operator terminal or from an energy management system used to shift the effective temperature setpoint by adding SetPtOffset to the otherwise calculated setpoint.

See Application Step 3. WB,C construction in in. See the Applicable Literature section for honrywell numbers. Locate the transformer closer to the controller, thereby reducing the length of the wire run, and the line loss.

RP,B pneumatic transducer to WC.

Wa Honeywell Excel 10 Constant Volume Air Handling Unit | eBay

The error rate is how fast the error value is changing. Configure Controllers, for information on the various Excel 10 parameters and on Excel 10 point mapping. FREEZE STAT Upon receiving a contact closure, the W control algorithm will close the outdoor air damper and open the hot water and chilled water valves if available to the full open position as a safety precaution. The valid enumerated states are: Please enable scripts and reload this page.


W7750A2005 Excel10 CVAHU

Temperature control loops are to the electrical system. The effect of initiating the IAQ Override mode is that the economizer dampers are allowed to open above the standard minimum position setting to allow more fresh air to enter the building.

The terminal locations for each function are user-selectable. One uses a hardware service pin button on the side of the controller see Fig.

EconFloatSynch indicates that the economizer damper motor is being synchronized with the reported economizer position by driving the damper for a period longer than it takes to fully close the damper. A configuration parameter is available to disable wall-module initiation of Continuous Unoccupied mode OvrdType.

When CascadeControl is 1 TRUEthen the discharge air temperature is controlled by an additional control loop based on the error signal from the space temperature control loop. Although acceptable, the four-volt line-loss in this example is higher than recommended. When configured, this occupant value is set to calculate the actual cooling or heating Occupied Setpoint.

Attach earth ground to W Controller terminal 1. All Ws are assumed to have a supply fan digital output. The state has the following meanings: This time is used to calculate the reported position of the cooling damper or valve and to determine the length of over drive time required to assure that it is fully closed or open.


Honeywell W7750A2005 Industrial Control System

Local Dirty Filter Digital Input—directly wired to the controller. For wall module wiring, U. This noise could cause an actuator to reposition jitter and reduce the actuators life. If there is no outdoor air temperature sensor available, then ubMinHtRamp hondywell used as the recovery rate. ENEN Obtain locally from any computer hardware vendor. The three controllers have the same physical appearance except for terminals 16 through 20 WA and different labels next to the wiring terminals see Fig.

CurrentState is used along with other occupancy inputs to calculate the effective occupancy of the node. When HtPump is 1 HPthe node is controlling a heat pump. When a window is detected to be Open digital input contacts Open equals window openthe normal temperature control is disabled, and the W Honeeywell enters the Freeze Protect mode.

When a new entry is made to the log, the oldest entry is lost. Calculate the number of Excel 10 Zone Manager program points that are used in control logic and in the switching table.