Heavy equipment professionals rely on dependable Radio Remote Controls. Hetronic offers a complete line of One- hand Button style Radio Remote. Hetronic Explosion Proof (EX) radio remote controls are designed to exacting.

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Locomotive / Railway

Every Hetronic transmitter is light weight and ergonomically designed for operator comfort and safety with a large control panel that can be populated with a variety of control and feedback options.

Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer. GL EX Transmitters When your work requires Ex control devices that will eliminate them as a source of ignition while operating machinery, Hetronic GL Ex transmitters will meet your needs. Professional operators will find a solution for virtually any application from simple to complex, each designed and produced for the highest levels of safety, dependability and efficiency.

Safety is our 1 priority and each radio remote control system is designed with the operators’ safety in mind. Tech Support is always just a click away. Hetronic’s global footprint, with over 50 sales, service and support locations, together with next generation RF Radio Remote Control solutions provides customers a wide range of H Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer.

Contact a Hetronic technical expert to discuss your specific EX needs and we will help you select the right transmitter and receiver for your application.


Open Compute Rack Power Connector. Wir Machen Nicht Nur Fernbedienungen. Arbejds Eksplosion sikre Contact Us. We’re not just creating remote controls, We’re creating a safer hetornic.

When service and support are required, we’re just a phone call away to provide the support and engineering assistance that you need. Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer. We’re not just creating remote controls, We’re creating a safer workplace.

Radio Remote Controls | Methode

Since our safety radio remote controls have provided reliability, maintainability, durability and the utmost safety.

For AC- or DC-powered relay, solid-state or serial interface outputs, Hetronic offers a fully programmable, versatile receiver solution for any stationary or mobile machine operation.

When a potentially explosive or flammable atmosphere is involved, whether Zone 1, 221 or 22, Hetronic can create the right solution for you using our ERGO series products.

Wir Machen Nicht Nur Fernbedienungen. The Hetronic engineering and design teams are experts in understanding your hazardous environment applications and as such will create the best and safest transmitter and receiver system available. Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer. Contact a Hetronic technical expert to discuss your EX application needs.

Our new NOVA with video feedback offers expanded safe operation over the length of the train. Products are tested to customer specified regional as well as international approvals. Wir Machen Nicht Nur Fernbedienungen. Tech Support is always just a click away. Each systems is designed from the ground up to be intrinsically safe, rugged and reliable. For special applications such as EX Explosion Proof Hetronic will fully customize a system to meet your needs. Every Hetronic system is designed and built to be intrinsically safe and will operate in the most challenging environmental and working conditions without fail year after year.


Wir Machen Nicht Nur Fernbedienungen. Added benefits of these remote setup transmitters include Hetronic’s competitive pricing and variable speed operation. Register Login Select your language. For over 32 years Hetronic Inc.

Please select your language. Contact an Hetronic technical expert who can assist you in selecting the right Transmitter for your application. Hetronic will certify the custom built system to your specific regional and international requirements. For the tough jobs of safely controlling and moving railcars, unloading ballast cars, performing track maintenance, operating cranes or man lifts and operating mining or steel mill rail cars, Hetronic has the solution to meet your needs.

From concept to production our knowledgeable and well trained employees ensu The TG series transmitters are designed in the familiar pendant-control look and feel, are lightweight with dual-speed push buttons that fit perfectly in steel mills or on a construction site.