Aline Solness, Halvard’s wife, has become barren physically and emotionally, due to the tragedies that she has experienced. When her parents’ home and. Halvard Solness, the master builder. Although he is no longer young, he is evidently attractive to women: His wife, Aline, his bookkeeper, Kaia Fosli, and Hilda. Halvard Solness rose to his high position as a master builder because of a fire that had destroyed the ancestral estate of his wife’s family. On the site he built new.

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In A Doll Housefor example, we find ordinary, middle-class characters inhabiting a halvqrd, realistic world. There follows a scene between Solness and Knut Brovik. He is restless, alienated, and afraid of being superseded by younger architects.

Hilda watches transfixed both times as he climbs the vertical edifices to the top, thrilled at the power and courage he displays as he rises high above the town. A history of Norwegian literature. Hilda describes the occasion of their first meeting, when she was a girl of twelve or thirteen. When he decides that he will let nothing thwart his dream of rising to the top of his profession, he must face the destructive consequences.

In the former play, the action is centered on the consciousness of the central character. Solness enters, and in a brief aside with the girl, Kaja, reveals that they are intimate. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your halvare.


The achievement is real. The action arises from conflicts between characters rather than within individual ones; Nora has forged a note to get money to treat her sick husband, Torvald Helmer, but this caused her no inner anguish—if anything, she is proud of it.

Kumaranthe film starred Mohanlal as Albert Samson, the master builder, and Nithya Menen as his wife. A Study of six plays by Ibsen, by Brian W. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Solness admits that Kaja has fallen in love with him but insists that he wants her to stay only to keep Ragnar, whose work is valuable to him.

The Master Builder – Wikipedia

Her daily activities center on her duties to others. Hilda, for example, seems to alternate roles between an inspiring force, urging Solness to temper his rampant ambition and so find real happiness, and a temptress, pushing Solness to commitments he cannot possibly fulfill.

Solness admits to Dr. Although he never completed his degree at Christiania University, he was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Uppsala in Then, Hilde came along and she caused him to reevaluate his life: They died as a result.

She even denies that he was ever on top before: This tale has been told under various names until the Renaissance, when it became known as the Faust solnes. This is not the past as historical fact, but the fiction they each construct to live by.


In the character of Solness, Ibsen is drawing parallels with his own situation as the “master playwright” and the consequences in his own halgard. The autobiographical elements Ibsen includes go further than his relationships with Bardach, Raff and Halvare He uses solnss technique of intimate duologues, as developed in his social plays especially Ghostsas a method of tracing the influence of the past in the present, to explore the secret mind and the innermost nature of human relationships.

Herdal serves as the family doctor and advisor. An impression of more than human stature attaches itself to the fault-ridden human figure, and the philosophical ideas are not far away: Solness admits that he knew there was a crack in the chimney in their old house but did not fix it, knowing a fire would allow him to build on the land. Eastern nations criticize what they see as rampant materialism in the Western world.

The Master Builder

The Malayalam-language Indian film Aakasha Gopuram is an adaptation of the play. The response to the initial stage performances of the play, which opened simultaneously in Berlin and Trondhjem, Norway inhowever, was mostly negative, due to its solnesss structure, which placed heavy demands on the actors.

Public awareness of major companies exploiting foreign workers has grown.