Vinyl Cutter Download Graphtec FC, Vinyl Cutter Machine Download Software Installation & Operation Manual in pdf ( MB) > Download Now. Manually Adjusting the FC ARMS Sensor Level for Glossy Media and Glossy Laminated Prints. When using some glossy media or when using glossy. View and Download GRAPHTEC FC Series user manual online. Cutting Pro . FC Series Plotter pdf manual download.

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Load the media in the plotter as shown. Supported reversed color mark The sensitivity of the registration mark sensor is automatically set by measuring the reflective level of the actual media. T ool position move screen is displayed. Input value initially same as measured value is displayed under that. Setting of the Initial Down Force The initial down-force setting is effective when tangential mode is selected.

Graphtec Manuals and Drivers

Cross Cut Manually Cross Cut Manually is cross cut at the position 15 mm behind the last cut position. D oes the operation necessary for maintenance, such as self diagnostic test or printout of the condition settings list.

Move the tool carriage and media. Basket x 1, basket tubes long x 3, basket tubes short x 4, joints x 4, mounts x 2, socket cap head screws x 4, use Allen wrench to assemble the basket.


Press the [4] key Y. Supplement TOOL setting screen is displayed. While pushing the tool holder in the upward direction, push the CAUTION tool all the way into the holder until its fange contacts the upper The rate of enlargement or shrinkage of the cutting data can be changed by settings.

Page Move the position of the light with strong scattered source. Settings Regarding Cutting Time Chapter 8: Setting range is from 0 to Press the [1] key. Use the cables specified by Graphtec, matching the computer that is to be connected. Push roller Media sensor Media set lever Place the media roll on the roll media stocker.

GRAPHTEC FC8000 Series User Manual

Tool Offset Adjustment This is used when there is difference in cutting between 2 tools. Page 32 Make sure that the tool bracket is engaged on the tool’s fange, and then tighten the screw. This Setting range of cross cut force is from 1 to Previous cutting data will be cleared and newly sent data will be stored as cutting data if you send new data with 10 seconds or more interval from the time it finished cutting.

Setting the Acceleration Set the acceleration of the tool that is used in each of the tool condition numbers. The time to cut is gfaphtec by setting large value for the reference angle, since it will only apply blade control when there are angles with large angle change, hence reducing the time to make the blade control.


ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system)

Use the cables specified by Graphtec, matching the computer that is to be connected. Cutter Pen Nomenclature The plotter cuts using a cutter blade mounted in a cutter plunger. There are 2 types of sorting, the area sort and the tool sort. Check the print while detecting the registration position of the registration mark.

In this case, set the “: This is performed by reading the mark in the middle of the feeding direction and then contour cutting is performed sequentially in each segmented area. Page Confrm that the pen tool is set. Using the Loupe your finger to put the loupe in the pen down status.

Make the setting for the operation of the tool. If fc8000 input value is not changed, it will assume that there is no difference between measured distance and the distance in the data.