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Where is the stock of this separation, the foundation of this divide?

Fughan e Rumi – Islamic E Books Collection

It is in this regard, that translators often strip the verse from its core environment: Interestingly, this pattern took a more practical form in the Celebi order; the applicant had to stand outside for as many days as the Sheikh decreed, after which he was either allowed to enter or asked to leave.

He Rumi is his beloved Shamsfor he lives within him, there is no discord, no dichotomy. Tasawwuf Bayak Fughah Burhan tughan Shumara Number But will it ever sprout? The seed of patience is sown in the heart, You say. If you live without love, alone, I want to know. It is a rope held tight for too long, tense with longing and prolonged servility.

Tarjuma Sharah-e-Adabul Mureedin Volume Who annihilated into whom?. Aan lujja bood aen e aan mauj Aan mauj cheh bood aen e derya What was that mass of waters? Malfuzat Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Iliyas.


Fughan-e-Roomi by Shaykh Shah Hakeem Akhtar | ISLAMIC BOOKS HUB

Do you understand what I mean by having grown tired of myself? Mevlana Research in Konya, 2, 1. Who else is there but you that I should seek? Nicholson At its most vague: According to Murtada Mutehari, ‘irfan, is concerned with ontology, and discusses God, the world, and the human being.

Tu kun nida wa tu awazeh deh keh sultani Turrasat lutf e jawab wa turasat ilm e sawal Cry out and proclaim that thou art king; Thine is the grace of answer, and thine is the knowledge of question.

Added to your favorites Removed from your favorites. Swedenborg and esoteric Islam p.

Fughan e Rumi by Molana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

Does the fountain consider itself separated from earth when it is compelled to break through and pour alongside its cheek? How long will you still turn away from me? Retrieved Fughqn 29,from http: If you feel any desire for me, then say so. Don’t shut me out.

It is a love that has been trodden, chastised to walk the range between despair and hope. Sant Ras Part Poetry.

In asserting the identity of the subject and the object; he builds Tabrizi as a symbol for the divine Beloved, the one Being in whom all individual names are manifested and ultimately merged. Adab ki Samajiat Tasawwur aur Tabeer Criticism.

Retrieved September 12,from http: How long will I be in your pain? This yearning for completion echoes of the nearly hermaphroditic tradition Alloya that the soul is torn and halved: Among the religious-philosophical sects of the ruumi, the doctrine that was generally held was that man; left to his own devices will inevitably go astray. Mansoor ko hua rymi e goya paiyaam e maut Ab kya kisi kay ishq ka dawa karay koi?


Biswin Sadi Krishn Chandr Number: He may also be fughann for many years, like in the case of Hafiz Ladinsky, p.

Choonz zindan barhi baaz darr aan kard shawwi When you escape from captivity you will return to that orb. Maqalat The cloaked, bitter and bitterly resented Shams is the Socratic figure who shifts the axis with his entrance, and marks the permanence in that shift with as dramatic a departure.

It is a tumultuous, passionate, unrestrained love that is specific in its aim. It is perhaps not fair to give only a brief section to this subject in any academic discussion. As in the case of Rumi who sees truth in Shams ul haqq.

The Beloved cannot be held by sight, fughxn can He be borne, but He cannot be surrendered, and He cannot be disregarded. Help Center Find new research papers in: