FUEL ENERGIZER – ABSTRACT – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Fuel Energizer has been tested and developed for the Indian Market. The fact that taken into account a vehicle’s performance is often affected by the level of. REFERENCE: 25 3 ABSTRACT In this era of increasing fuel prices, here a device called ‘FUEL ENERGIZER’ help us to reduce Petrol /Diesel /Cooking gas.

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Fuel Energizer – About

Hence, the exhaust fumes contain considerable amounts of unburned CO, HC, and soot. I am highly indebted to Mr.

The ionization of the fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build-up in carburetor jets, fuel injectors and combustion chambers, keeping the engine clean.

With over 30, presentation design templates to choose from, CrystalGraphics offers more professionally-designed s and templates with stylish backgrounds and designer layouts than anyone else in the world. Hydrogen’s chemical reaction, determined by its valence the electron “surplus” in the “outer” orbital shellis affected by a magnetic field since proper magnets are the prime source of control of the position of electrons.


Even though it is the simplest of all elements, it occurs in two distinct isomeric varieties forms: Energisr you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics. Thus, the spin orientation has a pronounced effect on physical properties specific heat, vapor pressure as well as behavior of the gas molecule.


Similarly, turbo charging effectively alters the compression ratio of a vehicle, further adding to the nitrogen problem. From daily practice we know that even trace quantities of lead are sufficient to destroy “poison” a converter. Altering the spin properties of the outer shell “valence” electron enhances the reactivity of the fuel and related combustion process.

Most emission motor vehicle consists of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen.

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The amazing part is that apart from the “converter-less” carbureted cars, the Magnetizer reduces emissions on cars with catalytic converters.

The spin effect of the fuel molecules can be ascertained optically, based on refraction of light rays passing through liquid fuel as had been demonstrated by scientists while using infrared cameras installed, e. It is characterized by the different opposite nucleus spins. These mechanisms are believed to help disperse oil particles and to become finely divided.

One has then to change the dirty or oiled air filter and adjust the carburetor in order to increase the amount of air enrgiser the mixture make it leaner or adjust fuel pressure of a diesel pump to restore the O2 level to where it was prior to the energizer’s installation.

When after a enerbiser from the correct installation, the improvement is not readily apparent, it is caused by too little amount of oxygen in the fuel mixture. The ionization fuel also helps to dissolve the carbon build-up in carburetor, jets, fuel injector and combustion chamber, thereby keeping the engines clear condition.

It can be used in chemical industry. As emphatically stated by Hannover-based, world-renowned German scientist, Dr. At the same time inter fudl force is considerably reduced or depressed. Most fuels for internal combustion engine are liquid, fuels do not combust until they are vaporized and mixed with air.


Subsequently, one has again to change oil after the Stabilization Period. The coincident spins render ortho-hydrogen exceedingly unstable. It has one positive fel proton and wnergiser negative charge electron i. The ionization and realignment is achieved through the application of magnetic field created by? The results have been “unbelievable”: On the other hand, the hydrogen, which comprises only If we can bind up all the available oxygen with the hydrocarbon fuel, there simply will be no oxygen left over to form then wanted nitrogen compounds.

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Oxygen combines with hydrogen readily, however, the carbon-oxygen reaction is far energlser energetic. The valence of carbon, on the other hand, can be plus or minus due to the configuration of its four electrons in the outer shell, which requires a total of eight electrons for completion. Better fuel economy and reduction in hydrocarbons. Hydrogen, the lightest and most basic element known to man, is the major constituent of hydrocarbon fuels besides Carbon and smaller amount of Sulphur and inert gases.

The rest is discharged as polluting emissions HC, CO, NO or is deposited on the internal engine walls as black x carbon residue.