From Francine Pascal, creator of the bestselling Sweet Valley High series and author of the NY Times bestselling Sweet Valley Confidential, comes the. Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales Pascal herself wrote a sequel, Sweet Valley Confidential, featuring the. Sweet Valley Confidential was published on March 29, The story was entirely written by creator Francine Pascal.

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Can I have that job please? This broke the book for me. If you insist on reading it, do yourself a favor and borrow it from someone. The storyline that had too much going on to come to a satisfying conclusion in the pages allotted.

I have forced myself to pagebut to be honest, that was only because I was stuck at the hospital with nothing else to do while I waited for my mother to come out of surgery. Tons of reminiscing flashbacks ensue throughout the book, sometimes the same ones told by different characters, and take up about half of it, so there’s barely any plot.

Amy was mentioned so little that I can’t even recall if she was mentioned at all. Anyway, in my opinion it is a benefit that FP never wrote one of the previous books, or the series never would have taken off the way it did. You see, the vqlley year doesn’t start until April 1, and I used up all my other vacation days by last July.

But that seems like a HUGE character flaw to just forget about. Their eyes were shades of aqua that danced in the light like shards of precious stones, oval and fringed with thick, light brown lashes franckne enough to cast a shadow on their cheeks.

Sweet Valley High

One was I felt like Pascal wasn’t really true to several of the character’s personalities. The writing is atrocious, the plot is ridiculous, but if you want to know what happens to your SVH friends, it’s worth downloading, at least. However, the author makes really bold choices about her beloved characters, and some of the choices are bound to make long time fans angry.


It’s like reading a trashy romance novel with trashy love scenes to boot! I have to admit, though, that I started to warm up a tiny bit to her character once Elizabeth finally confronted her. Lists with This Book. Although that would not leave you the option to burn after I don’t care, laugh, but I am going to read this. Mar 16, Maggie rated it did not like it Shelves: Of course Amy was a different character from francin one that she was in the middle school books, she somehow went from having brown hair to pale blond hair valldy a dye-job at Francine mentions in the acknowledgements that some person helped her with all the random Sweet Sweet trivia so she didn’t mess valoey up.

There wasn’t anything like that around. In fact, I found Sweet Valley Confidential very entertaining, and it kept me amused while reading and hours after I finished reading. I was so fanatical about Sweet Valley. They grew him crancine and he wasn’t rotten anymore, but I’d rather have Bruce1Bruce back.

After the Twitter reference, I thought, No Tumblr?? I owned practically all the Sweet Valley High books when I was a teenager, so of course I had to read this. She gives Jessica her blessing to be with him. Furthermore, she throws in sex and swearing in such a forced way that it sounds like the characters are just learning how to do it.

Lots of fluff, and all the drama you need for a relaxing afternoon read. This is the floor devoted to salespeople hawking pasca Nooks and its shiny crannies. Sex is simply that. And I’ve read a lot of crap. See 1 question about Sweet Valley Confidential…. Elizabeth Wakefield Jessica Wakefield. They turned him into a complete dud along with his whiny Elizabeth. I began reading and was prepared to meet my pre-teen heroines all grown up and a whopping 27 years old.


And what I really liked was how it moved things on from Sleeping Beauty-esque romance novels where the girl had to wait for the hero. This Elizabeth actually had me cringing anytime I had to read her side.

Otherwise, you may find yourself wondering if all the books were really this terrible, and questioning why you were ever the type of person who would read them. I will even concede that there are some so-called Valley Girls that do say like. Apr 07, Trish rated it did framcine like it.

Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later by Francine Pascal

Martin’s Press first published January 1st Refresh and try again. Trancine one she turns to whenever her life throws her a curve ball.

Unfortunately, adding “like” and “so” to practically every paragraph is not the best way to do this. Cara Walker is randomly back in these books with Steven. However, despite all that, I thought Elizabeth forgave her twin way too quickly.

Um, you mean when he tried to rape you that one time, Liz? There were a coonfidential of things that should have been fact checked that weren’t, even though Pascal credits someone in the acknowledgements with finding that information out for her. Feast your eyes on the dreadfulness: The Los Angeles Times.