I came across exodus which is the closest Exodus RPG enemies (). submitted 1 month ago by (0 children). Exodus has a Bestiary. Exodus is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by Glutton Creeper In the six months that followed, GCG turned a full Fallout RPG into a thinly . Its bestiary is respectably sized and includes rules for creating new. Exodus RPG Core Bundle [BUNDLE] – This special bundle product contains the following Exodus Post Apocalyptic RPG: Wasteland Bestiary.

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Then this is the talent tree for you, or at least it is intended to be. The dregs run the show through a rpy of members who hand off position of chairperson to each other every three years. It’s kind of refreshing to take a breather with a class that isn’t complicated or long-winded to discuss at all.

The talent Mechanic grants a bonus to Repair checks equal to your character level, while Mr.

Honestly, it probably sounds quite reasonable. Character Options 7 Southwest Wasteland Guide: I almost dissuaded myself from reviewing Exodus about a year back because I wasn’t sure there was enough material to have any words beyond that it was a mediocre d20 Modern setting book with some odd rules choices, but then I reread it and it hit me that there is such a low effort to mask what the product once was that there is even a prestige class to replicate a single unique Fallout NPC!

On the backgrounds end, you can be a cultist of the Holy Friars of the Refinery or the Monks of Chuck Norris Walker, a first-class “National” or second-class “Provincial” citizen of the reborn post-apocalyptic Texan nation, or the child of a Desert Ranger, while the occupations list is made up of Cowboy, Gambler, Prospector, and Politician.

A Chinese-American businessman by the name of Wu Lung saw that the Great War wasn’t going to end in any way that could be considered good, and decided that the future could best be secured by financing his own personal vault beneath Chinatown. The only reason other Wasteland organizations fear NEMO at all is because of their sheer numbers, rather than any actual military skill or technological prowess.

Also on the more minor side, there’s Builder as a free bonus feat at level 2, Advanced Rigging at level 6 allows for taking 10 on a Repair check even when threatened or distracted, and Super Rigger at level 10 does the same thing for taking Not that I’m complaining about having to look at less skills and feats, mind you, I’m just curious why these weren’t rolled into being parts of the first chapter or something.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

It doesn’t say, just that it gives the Prizefighter an advantage. Stated to be specifically based around cockfighting and its popularity with the Chi people, Chicken Style is almost entirely based around doing more damage with kicks. The only thing really interesting to note here is that fusion generators have a failsafe if their mini-reactor is breached or damaged. Surprising that the Knight has worse overall progression than the Initiate when it’s meant to be a direct bestiaty version of that class that can, indeed, only be entered through said class.


With this talent you effectively get a gaze attack to make brstiary think you are exosus. Unlike most talents and feats that relate to Diplomacy, there’s no minimum mood requirement for Smooth Talker, meaning you can say a bunch of meaningless platitudes to an arch-villain and win them over to being Friendly toward you without any further effort as long as you are at least 4 levels higher than them.

Chemical Addiction Don’t do drugs, kids. Desert Ranger Advanced Classes If you recall, back in the Exodus Survivor’s Guide there was already an advanced class called the Bestiar Ranger, specifically designed for people who were part of the Desert Rangers.

A Cavalier has full Base Attack Bonus progression, d10 hit die, and decent Reflex and Fortitude saves, but poor Will saves, and gets various bonuses to deception-related skills and combat in urban areas. In spite of this, though, the Desert Ranger isn’t a totally useless class. BGMs look like regular albeit muscular humans with either grayish or jaundiced skin, and were capable of breeding true, leading to a faction of the Mutant Army suddenly having the epiphany of “oh rgp, slavery and rape are bad things, aren’t they?

All of the occupations are pretty self-explanatory and the cults and citizenry of the Lone Star Nation are given more detail in the fifth chapter, so let’s move right along. How times change, eh?

One noteworthy change is the Knowledge skill. It’s another five level prestige class, this one with Fortitude as its poor progression. Sneak attack on a character that’s got full BAB progression and stealth bonuses? These fellows have been around since World War II, when the Manhattan Project managed to create a serum called “the Symbiote Strain” that could make a human into an animal-human hybrid.

FATAL & Friends — Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying

Non-Mutant Animals Unlike Fallout, which seems to take the approach of “every piece of wildlife is mutated, even if it’s just some gross tumors and scabs”, the Wasteland Bestiary has a ton of just regular old animals].

The Desert Rangers The Desert Rangers are explicitly stated to be pretty much the only justice in the Wasteland that isn’t crooked or outright evil. Oh, and there’s smoke bombs, flashbang grenades, and tear gas, too, I guess. Wu Lung was also a huge xenophobe who ordered his sons to have all people who weren’t Chinese exiled from San Francisco after his Asian army came out of said vault, presumably causing some Yellow Peril believers to wet themselves in joy at their craziness being found true.

It was once thought that rodents of unusual size ROUS were just a legend used to frighten small children in stories. Equipment Bolding was in the actual book! You have a Fame and Infamy rating with each faction, such as the Steel Disciples or the Chi of San Francisco, that is on a percentile scale of In addition of a reprinting of all of the standard d20 Modern talent trees such as Fast-Talk and Melee Smash, there are also nine new talent trees and four new talents for old trees.


It’s entirely up to the GM what exactly collapses where as is appropriate to the party, ranging from 1d6 damage if you fail the DC 15 Reflex save to avoid minor falling debris to taking a whopping 12d6 damage if you fail the DC 30 Reflex save to avoid the total structural collapse of an entire floor. While it wouldn’t be that big of a deal in an average game, in one where you are expected to keep track of survival conditions — which, of course, Exodus does — it’s a nice boon.

The tree has its own pool of HP 20, to be precise and can be struck with a called shot at a -6 penalty to the attack roll, but if it’s destroyed it will regrow three months later rather than disappear forever.

Tiny arms, meaty legs.

It has average progression of everything except Will which is below averageand all of its class features are literally just the various mounted combat feats from Dungeons and Dragons.

Dirt Bike and Ninja Catapult: Someone who breaks a law that invokes the First Law of Gulag has all of their possessions stripped from them, are taken on a three day trek, and then are left in the Wasteland to either survive or die. Basically the Slayer, but for firearms.

Fancy pants water transport, both in motored and sailboat form. I, too, would like to get my hands on these PDFs. Ricky and his adherents claimed that following Norris the Divine’s tenets was not enough on its own, and that one must follow the example of Walker the Ranger and be proactive in the wasteland.

The idea was that you’d get fruit regularly from the tree but the implementation was bugged. The other Children of the Apocalypse-specific class is the Warrior Saintthe soldiers of the Children. Slavery is considered intolerable, but keeping non-Chinese people out of Chi lands is commended. Oh, and there are two talents for the tree that give you the effects of Weapon Focus and Improved Critical respectively, but who cares about those? Various enterprises are headed by different crime families, all of whom keep a tenuous peace with each other thanks to various accords backed up by a bit of mutually assured destruction factor.

Better Critical as a bonus feat for one melee weapon at level 1 and level 3, More Critical as a bonus feat for one melee weapon at level 3 and level 5, and Living Anatomy as a bonus feat at level 2 are the main features of the class. If you couldn’t guess, Exodus: There are still times where they’ll be the focus, like for classes and the like, but I’m doing my best to try to cut out overly explaining mechanics.

Fair warning, this is going to be a short one: