Für magische Momente – Pollux, der kompakte Strahler für den vielseitigen Einsatz. LED projector spotlight. Integrated electronic control gear, switchable. Optical system with lens for the projection of hard-edged beams or contour. The Pollux product range solves a diversity of lighting tasks running the gamut from accentuation through to light effects produced by gobos.

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Shop — light for worlds of shopping. Work — light for office- and administrative buildings. Contour spotlights Optical system with lens for the projection of hard-edged beams or contours using a framing attachment. For uniform vertical illuminance, the distance a of Pollux lens wallwashers from the wall should be around one third of the room height h. Light Guide We have summarised our broad planning and design expertise in architectural lighting for you.

Churrascaria Ambiente Brasileiro, Prague.


Purveyor to the court of the British royal house. The object is modelled without distorting the effect as a result of excessive shadowing. Review of current awards. Using the framing attachment, their sharp-edged beam can be adjusted pollud suit the format of images and objects in the room or on the wall.

Spotlights Very narrow to wide beam, rotationally symmetrical light distribution for accent lighting. Are you a design professional or enthusiast? It has a useful role in the portfolio in that it provides a smaller, lower power LED spotlight along with the many other spotlight products they produce.


While you were sleeping The internet never egco Living — light for residential spaces. Our contents are shown to you eco English. Contemplation — light for sacral buildings. Lighting technology Luminaire arrangement. Parscan Luminaires for track. David Morgan runs David Morgan Associates, a London-based international design consultancy specialising in luminaire design and development. If so, please enter a password below to securely save your form.

Manually adjustable round or oval light distribution for accenting to floodlighting. Narrow spot Spot Flood. Opton Luminaires for track. These versions demonstrate that innovative LED technology enables a magic experience of colours despite reduced energy usage. You must upload one of the following file types for the selected field:.

73302.000 POLLUX LED contour spotlight for ERCO track system

Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights and recessed wallwashers. Oseris Luminaires for track. RBM Noor 4-leg Flokk. Lens wallwashers Asymmetrical light distribution for highly uniform wallwashing. Narrow spot Spot Flood. Get in touch with one of our teams all across the world. Oval flood can edco freely rotated The Spherolit lens oval flood in round luminaire heads can be rotated freely for optimum adjustment of the lighting on different objects.

Zoom spotlights Zoom spotlights feature a continuously adjustable beam angle.

Do you need further information? Features search Pollus the technical requirements to find the right luminaires. Spotlights Very narrow to wide beam, rotationally symmetrical light distribution for accent lighting.


The excellent attention to detail in all areas including the smooth mechanical movements, paint finish on the castings, minimal draft angles on castings and mouldings, consistent surface texture on the mouldings and neatly applied product graphics all imbue the product with a premium quality look and feel but the pollx design lacks much personality. Send request Data protection. By using this website you consent to the use of cookies.

Register now for your weekly dose of design. Please update your browser. Logotec Luminaires for track. ERCO individual Project-specific product solutions. Compact luminaire dimensions are convenient particularly in small spaces. We would be pleased to call you back.

Opton Luminaires for track. Vertical illuminance for brightening and dividing the space.

Purveyor efco the court of the British royal house. Contour spotlight Framing attachments enable sharp-edged projections to produce fascinating effects such as a crisp focused beam illuminating images that appear to be self-illuminating.

Our contents are shown to you in English. Zoom oval Zoom spot. Public — light for outdoor facilities, bridges and memorials. ERCO uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit.