The Elysian Drop Troops are Imperial Guard Regiments known for their rapid deployment capabilities, often deploying by rappelling or grav-chutes from Valkyrie. Photos of my Elysians from D Elysian Drop Troops D Collection by Joel Davies. Photos of my Elysians from D Board owner. Follow. Joel Davies. Hi guys, well ive finally finished my D99 elysian drop troop command squad. One of the guys has a melta gun, i decided to have a try at the olde.

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The prometheum from his thrusters spilled out and burned trough his legs.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/D-99(7E)

Maybe they’re getting slapped with some kind of bad luckor there’s some heresy going on at Forge World. There was blood upon the thrusters, there were brains upon the ‘chute. He hit the ground, the sound was “Splat,” his blood went spurting high. As a result, Elysian Drop Troops excel in ambushes, long-range reconnaissance, hit and run raids and attaining and holding objectives.

Two complete companies of Storm Troopers from the Militarum Tempestus are permanently attached to the regiment and constitute its elite core, spearheading assaults and performing covert operations.

Elysan Read Edit View history. Ads by Project Wonderful! From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Rare within the Imperial Guard as a whole, Drop Infantry regiments are a potent strategic asset which many Generals are eager to obtain, and Elysia produces a considerable d99 of such regiments, whose skills are employed across the galaxy. Retrieved from ” http: One final addition made by guardsmen to their kit is a tally of combat drops, usually in the form of scratch marks to the side of their helmet.


Working in concert with Elysian drop troops, whole companies of Tempestus Scions are permanently attached to Elysian regiments to form an elite core.

elywian Hilariously enough, despite being the most competent guardsmen around, in pretty much all canon conflicts they take part in they get dicked over for one reason or another, though it’s always due to 9d9 command, betrayal of some allies or the fuck-ups of other regiments.

It is not uncommon for an entire regiment to drop en masse onto their objective, raining down destruction and throwing enemy lines into confusion before they have even landed. Mentioned before, the D are an army that must be used very specifically.

This high-level of accuracy allows Elysian Drop Troops to be far more effective when wielding lasguns or autoguns than the equivalent standard regiments of the Imperial Guard. Personal tools Log in Request account.

D99, Elysian, Navy, Pirates, Renegade – Asgards Aces Team Bravo – Gallery – DakkaDakka

Views Read Edit View history. Instead, Elysian Drop Troop regiments are better suited to surprise attacks, ambushes, and guerrilla warfare once they’ve landed, relying on mobility to continue their fight. Through careful politicking and negotiation at the highest levels, a contingent of Elysian regiments was secured for operations in and around the Calixis Sector. Luckily, being a part of the Ordo Xenos gives you access to some fun toys that some units can take for everyone:.

So it’s an especially grim story. Although, like with the Grey Knights, Necrons or Tau, you can create a balanced and interesting army with lots of deep striking guardsman, epysian sentinels, and heavy but dlysian cheesy-heavy flyer support if you do not want to be a power-gaming douchelord. While elysixn is not unheard of for Elysian Drop Troop regiments to be supported by armoured and mechanised companies raised from their homeworld, [10d] typical combat doctrine foregoes the luxury of heavy vehicles and dictates the usage of fast-moving and lightweight assets.


The distinctive Elysian 68 pattern webbing allows the trooper to carry more equipment than typical with non-Drop Guardsmen, a necessity given the type of deployments they are sent on. Blood on the Thrusters Sing along the tune of Blood on the Risers. Most Imperial Guard regiments are recruited to serve as basic heavy infantry. The back of the helmet is also used to help identify officers using a system of coloured stripes.

The fuel lines swung around his neck, the generator cracked his dome. Think inquisitor Burke as in Aliens and you won’t be far wrong.

I just want to know what is different about them from standard Elysians IMG: The Elysian Drop Troops are among the best rapid-response, highly mobile heavy infantry regiments that can be elysiann by the Imperial Guard. Each Elysian must spend a single elyskan of duty within the forces guarding Elysia itself before they will be considered for service within the Imperial Guard.

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