Getting ElsterFormular Running with Wine on linux. I’ve been doing my taxes here in Germany for the past few years with the help of wine. ElsterFormular x on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. RSS Feed · Overview ElsterFormular x. Click the Download Free Trial button above and. on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS ElsterFormular is the official software provided by the German tax authorities for ElsterFormular x. Click the.

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Sat, 09 Apr Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishGnome. But I have one question: Tested on Ubuntu Use it at your own risk. New Bug report received and forwarded. Your message did not contain a Subject field.

Thanks Replies petch Thursday 31 December at Message HI, I clicked on “Install the elsterfirmular, a window appears, asking if I really agree to open the program with playonmac and I click on “agree” but nothing happens. I try to enter this file ElsterFormularKomplett.

Message The playonlinux team is currently busy making version 5. Message 20 received at close bugs. Message 44 received at bugs.



Tue, 04 Aug Posted by jhs Filed in Reise. Send a report that this bug log contains spam. Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishGnomeReise. Message I don’t get it installed.

Replies weeman Monday 18 May at As a workaround you can do the following: Please remember to include a Subject field in your messages in future. The current version can be obtained from https: I don’t get it installed. But… We need tasks!

Mit Installation via Wine: Erstmals Steuersoftware unter Linux möglich

Good to know there is such a function. Is vcrun no longer needed?

Deadline is Monday, ! I am not sure about the title yet but that was the best I could think of. It should then automatically try to connect pinux accounts e. I tried to install the current version of ElsterFormular without script, just using the installer.

WineHQ – ElsterFormular

Bug acknowledged by developer. Message 81 received at bugs.

However, lately Alex Valavanis stepped up and ported most of the Inkscape patches back into gdl master and hopefully Inkscape will be able to use stock gdl or probably better gdlmm really soon. The content is elsterformupar very basic — just saying what I hope we as project want and how we want to handle contributions.


Mit Installation via Wine: Erstmals Steuersoftware unter Linux möglich – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Encryption is not an option but a default Probably there is a better wine elsterfodmular, but I did not test more yet. Message Thanks for the script. And finally still far too many unfixed bugs waiting for you in the ocean: From the experience of the last years we can expect highly motivated and skilled students there, that are eager finishing as many tasks a possible. Install this program Informations Platforms: Printing the transfer protocol does not work, the button “letter to elsterfprmular auth.

E-Mail E-Mail might not be as big for private communication anymore but it is still the way most businesses exchange data and information. Message 10 received at bugs. Um an die eigentliche DLL zu kommen, eignet sich cabextract.