Egusi Melon is cultivated in portions of West Africa, especially in Western Nigeria, for the food in the seed and as a crop interplanted with maize, cassava. A study of two cultivars of ‘egusi’ melon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsun and Nakai] known as bara and serewe, was undertaken at the. Melon seed (egusi) is a popular food crop in Nigeria and other African countries that comes with lots of health benefits which are vital for children, young and old, .

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Noteworthy is the fact that the seeds can be stored for long periods. Contact Us Member Options. Despite being a significant foodstuff even by global standards, egusi is hardly known to nutritionists outside a few West African nations.

Physical properties of neem nut.


And its benefits are likely to be felt not only in West Africa but also in eastern and southern Africa, and perhaps elsewhere. Banga Stew Ofe Akwu. Four weeks after planting, flowering occurs and vines form a nearly complete ground cover, suppressing weed growth. Buying Guide Egusi melon seeds are readily available in the open Nigerian markets or African food melob all over the world.


The seeds are numerous, white, smooth, flattened, and narrow. Again, the crop cannot expand dramatically if all the seed must be shelled by hand. Journal of Food Sci. Packaging coefficient was between Inheritance of Egusi Seed Type in Watermelon.

Egusi (Melon) Seeds | All Nigerian Food Recipes

Forgot your password Register. The seeds need to be dehulled before use as food. How to Reduce Beans Bloating. Further, it blankets mwlon soil and helps protect the land. There is, he says, no change in the color or texture of the resulting egusi eguzi. A comparison was made to oranges in the work of Topuz et al. Nigerian Meat Pie as a Dessert. Egusi is an excellent source of arginine, methionine, and tryptophan. International Journal of Agricultural Research Volume 7 This sort of chronic inflammation tends to destroy the ligaments, cartilage and bone thereby leading to deformities in the joints.

Nonetheless, the knowledge about egusi and its many uses should be brought together and made available for the benefit of all. Baked Yam and Cheese. Basically, they come in three separate forms: Livestock Fodder The shells obtained during the oil extraction can be used as poultry litter. It is also often cultivated close to small trees and shrubs, fences, or similar support.


Egusi-root could perhaps become a major fuel for the Sahel, which has been largely denuded by wood-gatherers. So little has been reported about egusi that we here rely largely on the cultivation conditions reported for watermelon. Egusi Melon is relatively disease free in its native regions.

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Although the egusi melon fruit has a similar physical appearance with watermelon, yet they are both different from each other. Leaves It is reputed that the young, tender leaves may be cooked and eaten as a potherb.

Although in some places women grow mekon, in the main they are they the ones who harvest and process the crop. Women would be special beneficiaries.

Egusi Melon |

It seems unlikely, therefore, that it could compete on the world stage for the industrial-scale production of cooking oil or protein concentrate. Humid areas More than a dryland plant, egusi or its close relatives 9 grows in equable sites. Login or Register to save!