Installation Kit for Ski Bag BMW 3 Series E46 Convertible. TOPICS:bmw 3e46ski bag Retrofit/Installation Kit No.: 72 60 0 Important. e36 e37 e38 e39 e46 e53 e60 e65 e85 f30 fog lights installation kit Mini M Performance M Technic mud flaps PDC r50 r53 rear spoiler retrofit roadster touring. Bought a ski bag cassette from an on-line store to retrofit into a xi with a fixed Plus countless other links including e46 fanatics, etc.

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Find all threads started by element. I was just wondering about this yesterday. I don’t know if this helps but I have fold down seats retrofut the ski pass with the bag and everything but the ski pass hole isn’t punched. Here are instuctions on how to retrofit a ski bag or just remove the center piece. Man, Crevier is sik then. Plus, the door on the trunk side is missing, so the bag just hangs out. By now, I’ve long ago decided against either modification the ski bag or the rtrofit draconian folding seats as it’s just too much work for me.


Could you post the part numbers and where you bought it? Like they say simple things for simple minds. I just have the regular rear seats that has the “center divider” thingy that looks an arm rest. Find all threads started by Mack. You would add unwanted flex over bumps and hard driving conditions. I ran across some info I wanted to earmark.

I’m not sure if you mean the rear-seat ski-bag throughpass retrofit or the folding rear seats retrofit though. Add doru to Your Ignore List. It is so simple. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by sidneyj I doubt it.

Find all threads started by chong The mechanical parts seem different to me too although Retrofjt can’t explain exactly why I’d be happy to take pics of my car with fold downs if it would help.

The time now is Bus View My Garage.

Where are the pictures! Find all threads started by AnotherGeezer. Find all threads started by QSilver7. I expected more from Crevier. BTW I’m sending the check tomorrow.

Ski bag retrofit – E46Fanatics

Add Mack to Your Ignore List. Any good advice where to get the ‘cassette’ mechanism for a ski bag retrofit? Originally Posted by Fudman after seeing what several wki done, I did not want to butcher my car.


When the door 3 is completely open, it is held open by a magnet. Find all posts by QSilver7.

Retrofit, ski bag

Perhaps if you wanted to remove your bindings every day. The bigger problem is the trunk side, which cannot be cleaned up nicely. Dude I dont know where you go that you need to go skiing.

Add chong to Your Ignore List.

Originally Posted by bluebee That’s an intriguing idea, which deserves looking at in detail. I’ve just abg that a part of the ski bag thing is actually built into the seats themself – there is a button to press built into the leather of the seats that releases the rear trunk side part of the mechanism.

My input is that ffej knows what he’s talking about.

Better off to fold the seat down if you can. Originally Posted by nj.