Was thinking about how I would like to play a Dragonlance game but I then opened my friends War of the Lance book and saw that it was. Derek wants to fight the elves, but Sturm refuses as he believes doing so will start a war between the Knights and the Elves that. Rules required: Version Dungeons & Dragons Player’s War of the Lance is a page hardcover book designed to be.

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But the people of Ansalon need heroes, as the ancient Gods have returned to the world, and brought creatures of myth and legend to fight in their battles. There is a timeline in Dragonlance Campaign Setting, and a page of text in War of the Lance, which gives barely drayonlance insight. For those who know the DragonLance campaign setting, or those who’ve got past the first part and are still interested, this will be an dragonlancee for up to 8 players starting at L5. Otherwise i added a few more references.

Laurana finally realizes she has blundered into a trap but faced with the threat of the wyverns killing Flint and Tasslehoff, surrenders herself and allows Bakaris to take her to Dargaard Keep. The dark cleric, Verminaard of Nidus, was given command of the Red Wing.

They are instead met by wyverns sent by Lahce to carry them to Dargaard Keep. Tasslehoff drragonlance a hidden dragon orb, and Laurana designs a plan to use it. However, as Tanis approaches Ariakas he realizes the Emperor is protected by a magic shield. It’s Krynn, I’m in!: They meet with Tanis and Laurana outside as the Temple of Neraka is destroyed. Derek wants to fight the elves, but Sturm refuses as he believes doing so will start a war between the Knights and the Elves that will only benefit the Dragon Highlords.

Along with it, over the ensuing years, a stack of modules of varying quality and an expanded boxed set for another continent appeared.


Dragonlance Nexus: Journal Entry: DL Classics: War of the Lance – Fandom: Gaming Rules

With the defeat of Verminaard, the Red Dragon Wing’s command is given to Fewmaster Toede, a Hobgoblin that has been terrorizing the residents of Solace prior to its invasion. The War of the Lance. Here the Whitestone Army engages the White Wing in both the air and on land. Dark Sun Dark Sun: An adventure like no other calls the heroes to re-discover the greatest gift given to the mortal races, to find a safe haven for hundreds of desperate refugees, and unearth the first secrets that might lead to the power of the Dragonlances.

Lord Soth enters the council chamber, carrying a body tightly wrapped up in winding cloth, and places the body at Kitiara’s feet. Your first character starts the campaign at Scenario 1. There are some good reference material in some of the old Dragon magizines but I do not have references to exactly where.

Thanks for the catch, and actually I meant 2e, because I alwasy hear people talking about 2e Dragonlance games. Tanis is about to give up when a mysterious voice tells him to attack anyway. Well, as updated in the main post, I am looking for historic information about the time around a year after the end of war.

Each character should finish the game at L If XP was granted as per 3. I’ve run this campaign several times before, mostly for 2e or 2. Probably although I don’t know. Originally Posted by Vaynor.

The dragon orb also affects the draconians in the army, and the Blue Dragonarmy splits apart. When this plan reached then head of TSR Gary Gygax it fitted well with an idea he had considered of doing a series of 12 modules each based on one of the official Monster Manual dragons.

On the way back, Tanis, disguised as a Dragonarmy official is attacked by an elf, but is saved by Kitiara Uth Matar, now Highlord of the Blue Dragonarmy, who thinks Tanis has joined her army, and invites him to where she is staying. Scott The New World, Part 9: Flint and Tasslehoff then reluctantly agree to help Laurana and the three of them sneak Bakaris outside of the city for the rendezvous with Kitiara.


DragonLance: War of the Lance for 3.5e

Sturm is convicted but is still permitted to join the Knighthood due to the intervention of Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan, a leading Knight of the Rose, and a close friend of Sturm’s father. Raistlin Majereinvoluntarily transported to Godshome, awakens as the Companions arrive. Bakaris, the officer in charge of the besieging force, then approaches the tower after the battle with the headless body of Lord Alfred Markenin and the dying Derek.

The group itself was formed by Flint Fireforgea hill dwarf; Wa Half-Elven ; Sturm Brightblade ; Caramona mercenary warrior; his dragonance brother Raistlin Majerea red-robed later black-robed wizard ; Tasslehoff Burrfoota kender ; Dragonlancwthe first Cleric of Mishakal ; and her lover Riverwinda ranger.

Lord Ariakasson of a dark cleric, agreed to serve Takhisis. However, a new threat soon appears with the White Wing advancing from the south, so Laurana then turns her army to meet this threat at a spot on the Vingaard River known as the Narrows.

The Blue Wing captured the key port city of Kalaman and then drove deep into Solamnia, overrunning the Solamnic provinces of Hinterlund and Nightlund. Lord Alfred reluctantly agrees to join the attack, but Sturm refuses to lead his troops into a suicidal attack. Some characters meet sooner, others who originally grew up together now dodn’t meet until the War is underway.