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It shows no real people or events.

This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. Queen Taomon and Princess Erowyn, locked in a humiliating and painful chastity belt, are finally handed over. This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. Young Erowyn is the sex dream of Evil Saurus Only a subtle warp in the space-time fabric separates glesh two worlds, Earth and Gaya, just a narrow bridge that only the controversial scientist Dr.

Life becomes a living hell for the young and beautiful Princess Saurus built into them an extreme hate for humans, an extreme appetite for their flesh Among the slavegirls that serve them is young Arin, the cousin of Princess Erowyn The final battle between dofantsy and the forces of evil is about to end tragically. He it dofantas who conceived the Orcs, the cruelest and most powerful war machine ever built.


Dofantasy – Orc Flesh

Chained women are sold to the roaring beasts But they are discovered and seized. Mighty Saurus, the cruel leader of the dark or, is celebrating his winning strategy. General Gothmuck, the biggest of the Orcs, leads the assault. Blackmailed by Evil Saurus, Princess Erowyn is forced to marry him in a weird ceremony.

They are the highest-ranking captives and deserve special attention These are his orders: A perverted club of Wizards and an evil class of Priests have ruled Gaya since the days when human-kind was almost driven to extinction. Her mother the Queen is dofantqsy stake! The terrified women stare in horror at the loathsome monsters His magic will work a genetic miracle.

No actual toons were harmed dofxntasy the making of this comic. A small population of humans still survives in the vast outlands, a relic of the great extermination eons ago.

dofantasy orc flesh porn comic

But there is more than this to his evil plan. The fate of Queen Taomon and her daughter Princess Erowyn couldn’t be worst An auction is held. A day later, a long caravan of slavegirls crosses the devastated Earth under the whip and the scary approaches of their captors: The repugnant Orcs form the largest group of living creatures on the Planet. Mighty Saurus, wizard and dofqntasy of the dark forces, designed the Orcs to be the most powerful war machine ever built.


Dofantasy – Orc Flesh | ComicsXD

Saurus hard-wired them with extreme hatred for humans and a voracious lust for human females. Huge and unbelievably strong, the Orcs take great pleasure in killing humans and eating their flesh. Human women are imported in exchange for Beritolite-max, the mineral key to Friedman’s high-tech patents.

The slaves are mere toys in the paws of the powerful Orcs, twice their size and 5 times stronger Mighty Saurus waits for the precious living booty surrounded by fellow wizards and warlocks taking their usual pleasures. Dofantays is fear in their eyes, an ancient fear of hungry, savage beasts It shows no real people or events. Huge and unbelievably strong, the Orcs take great pleasure in fighting f,esh and eating their flesh.

In the streets, the rest of the captives are greeted by a crowd of blood crazed beasts. No actual toons were harmed in the making of dofantay comic.