We at DigiTech® are very proud of our products and back up each one we sell .. The Looper in the JamMan Delay Looper offers true stereo looping with Digitech JAMMAN DELAY LOOPER PHRASE SAMPLER Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech JAMMAN DELAY LOOPER PHRASE SAMPLER. View and Download DIGITECH JAMMAN owner’s manual online. JAMMAN DJ Connect the JamMan Delay’s to the input of an Left (Mono) oUt amplifier. 2.

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Request a new review. Press and hold this button for 2 seconds to enable or disable this feature. The Delay is an excellent product, especially if you want to incorporate delay effects into your loops.

All user reviews for the DigiTech JamMan Delay

Left and Right inputs are processed separately through the stereo delay and looper effects and then fed to the Left and Right outputs to keep true stereo separation between channels. When both inputs are connected stereo inonly the left input is processed through the delay.

Quick Start – Delay 2. Then, I would ask you a question: The ability to use the delay and looping functions of the JamMan Delay together is its biggest selling-point. By tapping a tempo out on the dedicated footswitch before recording your phrase, the pedal will alter your playing to fit the tempo you tapped out automatically. Got it, continue to print.

This button mutes the dry signal path through the JamMan Delay. This indicates that the changes will be lost unless a store procedure is performed before selecting a new loop memory location, turning off the power.

Quick Start – Looper 5.


Thank you very much, Peter, very helpful. Select a loop memory location that lights the LED.

I record in pre-selections Hey hey hey hey hey! Hello, Thankyou for the review! New cards should be formatted in the JamMan Delay before use. Adjust the Delay Jamnan, Time, Repeats, and parameters. Page 3 AstA approved to Bs Up Switch This footswitch can be used to set the tempo of a new loop or change the tempo Time Stretch of a stored loop. Delay Types And Parameters millseconds to 2 seconds. Page 47 Recording Overdubs By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Page 65 Using an Expression Pedal – Looper Using a pedal digigech the Boss RC is much more intuitive. Undo, Redo, and Clear You can undo or redo an overdub anytime you remain in the current memory where the overdub relay recorded. Select an empty memory location using the Page 11 Quick Start – Looper 3.


For the live musician, the footswitches are arguably the biggest selling-point of the Jamman Delay. Thankfully, Digitech is one step ahead, and you can actually synch the delay time with the loop time using the footswitches. Did you find this review helpful? JamMan Delay in a stereo amp setup.

When a phrase is playing back, it can be used to enable overdubbing LED lights yellow over the recorded phrase. You can combine delays and loops and keep everything in time.

Setting mwnual tempo in an empty loop memory location automatically starts playing the rhythm guide track Rhythm Level must be turned up to hear the guide track. Pong sees the echoes oscillate between the left and right speaker, and reversed delays are played backwards. For the looper, this area offers another two loop selection buttons, options to change the ending type, set the loop to play only once or repeatedly, select the rhythm accompaniment, reverse the loop, and control the rhythm and loop volumes.

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I recently purchased a Digitech Jamman Stereo the new four-switch version on the strength of functionality reviews.


The button should be OFF for this setup. All of the pedals functions can be used together, so if you have wildly different delays set to the different preset locations, you can load one up, record a loop with it, switch to a different delay setting and record an overdub with it.

It would presumably have been digitefh more expensive for Digitech to digutech momentary switches in place of single-throw type. April 7, european dslay Not satisfied with those reviews?

The lower row of footswitches relates to the looper, and the upper row relates to the delay function. Controls the level of the Rhythm guide track. Select the phrase you want to delete using the buttons. Adding an SD card also increases the number of available loops from 99 to Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Page 13 Quick Start – Looper 5. This section explains how to record a phrase and play it back as a continuous loop.

The dial in the top right of the unit allows you to select one of eight delay types- analogue, modulated, reversed, manyal, lo fi, tape, pong and digital. The Jamman Delay offers 99 loop locations and a total of 35 minutes of onboard looping memory, when recorded in stereo at CD quality.