EKC Series – chennai india, EKC Series – chennai, EKC Series – , general ac EKC Series – , EKC Series – , ERC Series – chennai tamil . Temperature controller. EKC MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE Sensors: Danfoss Pt, PTC or NTC • Calibration of sensors. RI8NB R INSTRUCTIONS. EKC D (B). R Type: Pt Instructions RI8NB © Danfoss 05/ EKC D.

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Here you define which: The Danfoss controller is used for applications where temperature is critical. This also applies to products already on order provided that such alternations can be made without subsequential changes being necessary in specifications already agreed. No stress and worry Thanks to the integration with cheap returns you can purchase without stress and be sure that the return process will be hassle free.

Pyskowicka 24, Zabrze in the scope necessary for drawing up and sending a reply to my message, which was sent to the administrator by the above contact form.

Controller for temperature control – EKC Manual |

Thermostatic Expansion Valves flow direction: All other outputs are Off. Carton box Delivery Time: The interval time is not active when set to 0. EKC D Controller with three relay outputs, two temperature sensors and digital input. Select your own number.


There are two kinds of error reports – it can either be an alarm occurring during the daily operation, or there may be a defect in the installation. Easy returns wizard All returns processed by our shop are managed in a easy-to-use returns wizard which gives you the ability to send a return parcel.

RA Danfosz type air outlet from side Medium and high temperature scroll air-cooled condensing unit scroll ZB series. See the significance in the Fault Message section. Either with r12 or a DI-input S 10 in progress S If you push the top button in this situation you can see the alarm report in the display.

Refrigeration stopped by main switch. Via three pushes on a switch you change from one phase to the next phase. Digital input 2 of the controllers has a digital input which can be used for the following functions: If there are several, you can continue pushing to see them.

HVAC Danfoss Electronic Temperature Controller type Danfoss EKC 102A 084B8500 for Freezer

The key can contain up to 25 different sets. Time delay for danoss alarm The time delay is set in minutes. Contact details entered above are not used to send newsletters or other advertisements.

Refrigeration stopped because of open DI input S Correction of signal from Sair Compensation possibility through long sensor cable. Copying to copying key incorrect. High temperature alarm A2: A measurement of the defrost temperature can be obtained directly through the use of an S5 sensor.


Defrosting S15 Defrost sequence. We also inform you that: Activation can take place via r39 or input DI Alarm The controller ek give alarm in different situations.

The refrigeration and the fans are stopped. When the value is passed, a defrost will start.

Gives steps of 0. S5 is a defrost sensor and is used if defrost has to be stopped based on temperature. OFF-time Time delay for cutin of comp. You can determine conditions of storing or access to cookie files in your web browser.

The set value can be locked or limited to a range with the settings in r02 and r All trademarks in this material are property of the respecitve companies.

Between two defrosts the S5 temperature will become lower the more the evaporator ices up the compressor operates for a longer time and pulls the S5 temperature further down.

Ceiling Mount Electrical defrosting air cooler high temperature type DL series keep fresh egg.