Nov 17, the end of the data sheet. 2 Applications. • Operates With Any 8-Bit µP Processors or as a. Stand-Alone Device. • Interface to Temp Sensors. Category. Description, 8-bit Digital-to-analog Converters. Company, National Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download DAC datasheet. Cross ref. DAC Datasheet PDF Download – (DAC – DAC) 8-BIT DIGITAL-TO- ANALOG CONVERTERS, DAC data sheet.

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The sampling frequency is controlled by the timer interrupt of the microcontroller.

The Gaussian Noise distortion option is done by adding a random signal to the voice signals. The multimedia system allows the users to select preferred sampling frequency for compare and contrast purpose. datsaheet

Dac0801 datasheet

Figure 7 shows the circuit of a digital-to-analog converter DAC However, since the wireless signal is not stable due to interference with other groups that we did not apply it eventually. The source code is the complete project created by the version of Visual Studio This data structure is set as below: We chose this topic because we are all interested in multimedia signal processing.

The voice signal input is generated from the microphone, and the music signal is generated from any music application such as a MP3 player or PC. Furthermore, since we could transform the analog signal into digital format, we are able datasheet manipulate the audio data. The sampled audio signal is sent to the PC in the timer interrupt.


The standard input pipe operates in the blocking mode. It provides a user-friendly graphical interface to allow the users to control the system by a mouse click. This project implements a multi-function multimedia system that datasheeet the user to sing with the music video and generate some fancy sound effects. Figure 5 shows the circuit of the pre-amplifier of the microphone voice input. This is because the DC-offset is not exactly 2.

(PDF) DAC0801 Datasheet download

The amplified analog signal of voice input is connected to PA0 to use the internal analog-to-digital converter to transform the voice signal into digital format. The dac0081 is that the data are all correct after the test.

If we use it for both voice and music signals alternatively, the sample rate will be reduced to less than half of the original one.

With the development of technology, we are able to create, modify and edit multimedia data. The use of ports is shown in Figure 4. The program dac001 of a state machine and it consists of three states: Since the ideas and implementation of our project hardware are solely our own, there should not be any trademark, patent, or copyright infringement issues.

So the internal ADC suits for our system requirement.

_National_Linear_Databook_Volume_1 National Linear Databook Volume 1

The PC software invokes the ReadFile to read data from the serial port. However, the Java Mail 1. Therefore, for no signal, the digital representation is theoretically The performance and characteristics of the device are essentially unchanged over the full g 4. The greater the echo delay, the more noticeable is the echo effect.


It will be blocked in the call. In our system, there are totally 5 distortion options that a user can choose from. daatasheet

Linear Data Manual Volume 1 Communications

Tsimshatsui, Kowloon Hong Kong Tel: Since all of our team members are ECE MEng students, Cornell University owns all copyrights and potential, patents related to this project. Besides, we are able to synthesize the data and generate some amazing effects. At this point, we assume the PC is running our application only, so that the one second sleep is enough for this case.

In the beginning, we also wanted to apply more components to our dagasheet. He can press the button and starts recording the audio signal in a wave file.

Voice output sounds like a robot voice. The command packet is stored to the variable commandPacket and processed by the dzc0801 function later. Distortion – Lower Pitch. These switching points are guaranteed to lie between 0.

Since the ADC chip needs a signal to start the conversion and a clock to drive the ship, PD4 and PD5 of the microcontroller are connected to the two pins respectively to control the ADC chip.