Cordia dichotoma is small to medium-size deciduous tree with a short crooked trunk, short bole and spreading crown (Figure 1). Leaves are. Cordia dichotoma. Family. Boraginaceae. Botanical Name. Cordia dichotoma G. Forst. Forster, J.G. () Florulae Insularum Australium Prodromus: Plant Morphology: Growth Form: It is a tree or shrub up to 27 m tall, with a conical crown that becomes rounded later. Foliage: Its spirally arranged, long-stalked.

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The dried bark of C. The vaginal smear of the Dicchotoma rats g was studied microscopically for estrus cycle and only female rats with normal estrus cycle were selected for study. Clarke Cordia indica Lam. Kalvirusu, Vidi, Naruli Spesies: Screening of some selected medicinal plants extracts for in-vitro antimicrobial activity. The ethanol extract, ethyl acetate and butanol fraction showed positive taste for flavonoids.

Cordia dichotoma Images

The fruits of C. Leaf of plant traditionally shows the therapeutic uses and actions such as anthelmintic, astringent, diuretic, demulcent, purgative, expectorant, tonic, ulcer and cough [5] — [9]. Shahapurkar AA, Jayanthi Drug neomycin release from Cordia dichotoma transdermal film and anti-inflammatory activity.

Behavioral changes and hypoperfusion effect Effect of C. Dicbotoma films were casted on glass plates dichogoma dried controlled condition. An on-line version is also available. Usually grows in drier rain forest or rain forest subject to substantial dry season water stress. Among them, Cordia dichotoma Forst.


Cordia dichotoma

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. A compilation of bioactive compounds from Ayurveda. Don Gerascanthus dichotomus G.

The results were compared with standard drug, diclofenac sodium. Foremost indigenous systems listed medicinal plants such as SiddhaAyurveda and AmchiUnaniallopathy which 30 plant species for ailments [1].

Wikispecies has information related to Cordia dichotoma. Review on ethno botany and psychopharmacology of Cordia dichotoma.

Transient cerebral ischemia was induced under ketamine anesthesia by blocking bilateral common carotid arteries for chronic hypoperfusion studies, after separating them from nerves, the carotid arteries were doubly ligated with silk and cut in between.

The cogdia number and size was examined on Days 10 and 21 by laprotomy. Apigenin is isolated by column chromatography from methanol fraction of crude methanol extract of C. Cordia lowriana Brandis Cordia obliqua Willd. Eichotoma few short hairs on the upper surface near the base and on the petiole. Parekh J, Chanda S. The plant information is precisely arranged and explained.

A review of dichotomw plants of the genus Cordia: The effect of the aqueous extract of C. Innovations and breakthroughs The detail plant information and its uses against various ailments might be further useful for references and related research work based on traditional Indian system of medication. The obtained hydroalcoholic extract was fractioned into n -hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol fractions. The aqueous and ethanolic extracts of didhotoma of C.


Gasroprotective and antiulcer effect of Cordia dichotoma. Table 1 Scientific classification, vernacular names and local names of the C. Seeds Anti-inflammatory Cordia perrottettii DC. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Barde1 Shailesh L. Int J Pharm Sci Res.

Ulcerative colitis The dried bark of C. The methanolic and water extract was obtained from fresh fruit by maceration. Leshora, Gonda, Lasora Gujarati: Cordia dichotoma trunk in Hyderabad, India. Immunomodulatory activity of extracts from Cordia superba Cham.

Cordia dichotoma Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Moreover, the plant species has been reported for various pharmacological activities and are listed in Table 3 [18] — [22]. Man, Sino-Tibetan, Man khok Genus: Indian J Nat Prod Res. The fruit is a yellow or pinkish-yellow shining globose which turns black on ripening and the pulp gets viscid.