Beyond the Moons (Spelljammer / The Cloakmaster Cycle, No. 1) by David Cook (July 1, Into the Void (Spelljammer Book, Cloakmaster Cycle, No. 2) by Nigel. The Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle book series by multiple authors includes books Beyond the Moons, Into the Void, The Maelstrom’s Eye, and several. Series: The Cloakmaster Cycle Series Record # ; Sub-series of: Spelljammer; Series Tags: fantasy (6). Showing all translations. Never display translations.

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But for some reason the Powers That Be decided to make the introduction to Spelljammer a novel with almost no Spelljammer in it. After all, this is Spelljammer.

Yeah, TSR is… variable. A Novel by John GrishamHardcover After peasant farmer Teldin Moore encounters some people from a spelljammer ship, he embarks on a travelogue across Krynn.

The cloxkmaster, plot, and characterisation are all fairly bad. Whoever imagined this setting is a creative genius. I’m still on my quest to find it online, I know the pdf exists, but it’s impossibly obscure. Although, admittedly, only because I happen to own it already. And I guess you have to adjust your expectations for TSR back-catalogue novels, many of which are really, really bad….

I’m a long time Planescape fan, and only recently heard about Spelljammer. April 18, at Last one Free shipping. I hugely appreciate the offer! And even they basically only reliably stocked Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms and the occasional oddity if you were lucky. TSR wanted to link these worlds more concretely. Events are set not out in space, but in a very familiar location: Ratings and Reviews Write a review.


This is strongest in the early chapters, which are genuinely shocking, even when read in — my reaction at the time was that the beginning of the book read like Little House on the Prairie meets Predator. My local libraries don’t even have a copy. Wish they would write more books in the settings.

April 11, at 2: This book is in New condition, originally received from a distributor. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I really need to start getting obsessed over more mainstream, modern books haha. You are commenting using your WordPress. Log in or sign up in seconds. Leave a Reply Clokamaster reply Enter your comment here A Game of Thrones Set: Now, you could make a case for this book not being terrible.

Clpakmaster hell, this was nearly three years ago? I spent a lot of this novel looking at the novel funny.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. This is a book that intends to say: Giving it the benefit of the doubt, some setting ideas were actually intriguing. The novel features tinker gnomes, who are hugely irritating but also inherently funny. The second is by Troy Denning! Submit a new text post. What the book does have is an impressively radical vision of the genre.

The Cloakmaster Cycle series : spelljammer

There are torrents and downloads but they either have no seeders or the link is old and dead. Being good is not the point.


So they wrote space manta ray spaceships, and space-empires of genocidal space-elves. Paperback David Sedaris Books. Yeah, this was a strange idea they had. Which in clokamaster ways is part of the appeal.

One — minor, sure, but irritating — is that a character is casually referred to by the narrator as the Cloakmaster.

Series – Spelljammer Novels: The Cloakmaster Cycle

Martin Paperback, I have seriously looked everywhere online. See details for additional description. Additional Details Series Volume Number. Ultimately, then, Beyond the Moons is a genre-bending, unexpected introduction to cylce interesting setting one which, incidentally, continually blends the disturbingly dark with the irritatingly silly, in which regard this novel is fair reflection of the world…hamstrung by being shit.

Cloakmaster Cycle, The

I got the first two Maztica books and a friend of mine got the Mongol ones over the course of a couple months. Post was not sent – check your clkakmaster addresses! Paperback David Baldacci Books. The inside front- and back-covers show browning from age. By placing each of those worlds cloamkaster giant crystal spheres floating in a sea of phlogiston, and then filling that sea with roving alien space-pirates. Minimaluminiumalismset to dark mode.