Check this link -> convert doc to pdf in c#. It uses the . ExportAsFixedFormat(@”D:\”, WdExportFormat. ExportAsFixedFormat(@”D:\desktop\”, WdExportFormat. wdExportFormatPDF); } public nt wordDocument { get. C#. Hi all, is there a way to print a word file to pdf without using any third ExportAsFixedFormat(paramExportFilePath, paramExportFormat.

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The example Make a Word document containing pictures in C shows how to make a Word document containing pictures taken from selected files. Hiya Im just finding out whether I can get a copy of the document – given its a legal document it will have sensitive information in it – so it will have to be changed.

Specifies the starting page number, if the Range parameter is set to wdExportFromTo.

Friday, April 27, The only visual we get is at the bottom right hand side of word which states “Finding Internal Hyperlink targets” – this process never stops – the count seems to go on forever until word finally dies. Hi all, is there a way to print a word file to pdf without using any third party component? Server applications are different in many ways that make it a very, very bad idea to use Office Interop in them.

Email Required, but never shown. FixedFormatExtClassPtr — A variant that gives a pointer to an add-in that provides an alternate implementation of code. Remove From My Forums.


FixedFormatExtClassPtr Specifies a pointer to an add-in that allows calls to an alternate implementation of code. Specifies whether to include a bitmap of the text. Is there anyway exportasfixedgormat debug this? A pointer to an implementation of the IMsoDocExporter interface that enables the document to be saved in a different fixed format.

Exhibiting tracked change notifications says the document isn’t agreed-to by all the people responsible for editing and commenting.

How to Convert Office File to PDF File Format in C# | Software Development for ECM

Exportasfixevformat option would be to open the document in word http: Please remember to mark the replies as answer if they help and unmark them if the provide no help. Having a document that always fails is essential for others to use when reproducing the problem. Sign in to vote. Top Rated Most Recent. This email is in use. Very short and easy to undersatand One of the WdExportItem values that specifies whether the export process includes text only or includes text with markup.

Thanks Tom – this is very much appreciated as there is so little info out there: Create a simple interop based exe that you control over remoting or WCF. Default value is True. If you set this parameter to truethe resulting files are more reliably self-contained but may be larger or show more visual artifacts due to the restrictions of the format. This example is similar to the that one see that post for details except it saves the resulting document in a PDF file instead of in a Word document.


How exportasfjxedformat convert exportasfixefdormat document to pdf. Top Rated Most Recent. Can you build a test document with a link to a non-existent url site?

Carlos Exportasfixeformat 9, 11 42 Please Sign up or sign in to vote.

Print Word File to PDF

Specifies the ending page number, if the Range parameter is set to wdExportFromTo. Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML. Default value is False. If you can find a command line converter, then you can exportasfidedformat the command line.

One of the WdExportCreateBookmarks values that specifies whether to export bookmarks and the type of bookmarks to export. The content you requested has been removed. The default is false. Insults are not welcome. Add your solution here. Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters.

Hi The person who can authorise the release of the document is off for another week – so apologies for not getting this to you. Don’t tell someone to read the manual. It doesnt crash the document though. Tuesday, May 22, 4: Its something they have always done.