The end is nigh for the adventurous DEFIANCE trilogy by C.J. Redwine and before you round out your collection with a copy of Deliverance. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In this distinctively imagined dystopian fantasy, Rachel and Defiance (Courier’s Daughter Book 1) by [Redwine, C. J.]. C. J. Redwine is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, mainly for young adults. She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Defiance Trilogy.

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Nah, the only thing remotely enjoyable about this cheap tearjerker is watching these woe is me characters get one upped by the one note villain. I love heroines Defiance is one of the books I’ve been highly anticipating to read this year.

Most of the …more The romance, while not graphic, I feel is still somewhat sensual, and unhealthy. Logan on the other hand, is one great male lead. But the Defiancr has something up his sleeve, no matter how hard Rachel and her deemed Protector Logan try he always seems one step ahead. He simply cannot let Rachel meet the same end.

Defiance (Defiance , book 1) by C J Redwine

The tension between the two of them in the first half of the book is written perfectly – but dffiance suddenly I feel like it fizzled out. April 2nd, 37 60 Apr 09, This is a poorly built world and it felt illogical too me — there are defianxe many holes in the reasoning, or rather, no reasoning at all. Tell me about the main character.


She was brash and unruly, a bit juvenile, but that was acceptable given her age. Redwine loves fairy tales, Harry Potter, and going to the movies. Redwine was born in CaliforniaUnited States.

Rebecca The romance, while not graphic, I feel is still somewhat sensual, and unhealthy. Defiance 51 68 Mar 30, Still it offered things that were really intriguing, entertaining and refreshing.

This books is not something I would like my younger sibling reading. I never grew redwne like him one bit, consequently making the romance in this book fall flat for me.

Defiance Series by C.J. Redwine

Defiance tedwine to be everything I look for in a novel that I read for entertainment. We get a train wreak instead of Epic Awesomeness or even a decent battle would have done. The world-building was great though I wouldn’t say it was completely original. This was not a good thing.

Feb d, Keertana rated it it was ok Shelves: He’s just evil to be evil. Logan McEntire sees too much of his mother in Rachel. Still plenty of questions, but it never pulled me out of the story.

If this book was written years ago and I had read it then, maybe I would have liked it. At first, she was just a character, and I sort of liked her. The Cursed One is intriguing and scary Let’s look at the characters. Instead, I’m rolling my eyes at the cartoonish way Logan escapes from the dungeon by using a portable drill to dig a tunnel under a wall Vefiance E.


This is the love interest that many readers love, and have swooned over. Redwine exploded onto the young adult writing scene with a story unlike any other. No longer a girl with dreams.

Rachel lives with her father Jared the city’s best tracker and courier, and her father’s apprentice Logan. This is the love interest we’re supposed to swoon over.

C. J. Redwine

As it is, there’s a lot to enjoy about this easily read, fast-engrossing young-adult novel. He abuses u both physically and verbally, she takes it. Fortunately for Rachel, her father chose to ignore that custom and trained her to be a competent fighter. I judge a book on the entire story and effect, but also look at individual things – characters, writing, world-building and plot.

I also enjoyed how his lust consumed his logical reasoning and was rather amused at how Rachel affected him as a man. In fact, the plot moves forward by failures.

Defiance Series

Jun 07, Giselle rated it liked it Shelves: They are few and far between, but at least they seem worth remembering. Some parts would make me roll my eyes, but it was still done very dediance. He is black in and out and you know what?