Free summary and analysis of the events in Jorge Luis Borges’s The Garden of Forking Paths that won’t make you snore. We promise. Why should you care about Labyrinth in Jorge Luis Borges’s The Garden of Forking Paths? We have the answers here, in a quick and easy way. EXPLORING ‘THE GARDEN OF FORKING PATHS’ w. Ethan Weed. INTRODUCTION. Nestled in the middle of J. L. Borges’ short story ”The Gar- den of Forking.

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Likewise, metafictional texts, because they are texts about texts, introduce the possibility of multiple meanings. In all cases, the real nature of the secret is generative rather than unitary. By naming the novel at the innermost narrative level The Garden of Forking Paths, Borges calls attention to the fact that there is yet another narrative level above the unnamed primary narrator.


Author Biography Jorge Luis Borges was one of the most important and influential writers of the twentieth century. Some biographers suggest a link between the fall and his turn toward prose fiction in the following years. In other words, Albert acts as an ideal gardwn of this text, imposing form and structure to what might otherwise be seen as nonsense.

The Garden of Forking Paths – Wikipedia

Naturally, there garsen various possible outcomes. Readers must be made aware of the fact that they are reading, otherwise they will never perceive the extraordinary richness and importance of this old and familiar process. The second plot is also a detective plot, though of a literary-critical nature, whose solution is also based on the decoding of a message.

The American watch, the nickel-plated chain and the square coin, the key ring with the useless but compromising keys to Runeberg’s office, the notebook, a letter which I decided to destroy at once and which I did not destroya five shilling piece, two single shillings and some pennies, a red and blue pencil, a handkerchief – and a revolver with a single bullet. Its clever plot and sophisticated philosophical exploration of the nature of time inspires much critical commentary.


Albert is a sinologist, which is a scholar who studies Chinese culture. His narrated version, like his act of murder, seeks to impose a unique and dominant reading. We do not exist in most of them. In other words, he denies any ground of objective truth in his stories.

I had no sooner read this, than I understood. Century follows century, and things happen only in the present. This is the cause patsh the contradictions in the novel.

Through the railings Pathss could see an avenue bordered with poplar trees and also a kind of summer house or pavilion. I am a timorous man.

The Garden of Forking Paths |

The branching, or forking, of all these decisions suggests that time is not a line, but rather is a web or a network of possibilities. He opened the gate and spoke slowly in my language. I said aloud, “I must flee. As in his other stories, Borges uses fiction as a vehicle to explore philosophical and literary issues. He thus creates various futures, various times which start others that will in their turn farden out and bifurcate in other times.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How could it reach the ear of the Chief? Before the publication of his first collection of short stories, El jardin de senderos que se bifurcan [The Garden of Forking Paths] inArgentine readers knew Jorge Luis Borges as path writer of poetry and essays. With this, Yu Tsun describes time in a linear manner. Sometimes the pathways of this labyrinth converge. I recalled, too, the night in the middle of The Thousand and One Nights when Queen Scheherezade, through a magical mistake on the part of her copyist, started to tell the story of The Thousand and One Nights, with the risk of again arriving at the night upon which she will relate it, and thus on to infinity.

Interestingly, although it appears that the original narrator drops completely out of the story after introducing the statement, there is one further intrusion by the original narrator in the form of a footnote. In yet another, I say these very same words, but am an error, a phantom. Narrowly avoiding the pursuing Captain Madden at the train station, he goes to the house of Doctor Stephen Albert, an eminent Sinologist. A military-Conservative coalition came to power and continued broges rule throughout the period.


They had never been printed. To eliminate a word completely, to refer to it by means of inept phrases and obvious paraphrases, is perhaps the best way of drawing attention to it.

Through Albert, Borges offers a philosophical discussion of the nature of time. I argued that so small borgfs victory prefigured a total victory. There was the cat, asleep. Borges, however, introduces the possibility that texts may not be linear.

I went up to my bedroom. In the midst of my hatred and terror now that it no longer matters to me to speak foroing terror, now that I gxrden outwitted Richard Madden, now that my neck hankers for the hangman’s nooseI knew that the fast-moving and doubtless happy soldier did not suspect that I possessed the Secret – the name of the exact site of the new British artillery park on the Ancre.

He believed in an infinite series of times, in a dizzily growing, ever spreading network of diverging, converging and parallel times.

The Garden of Forking Paths Quotes

With slow precision, he read two rorking of the same epic chapter. In despite of my dead father, in despite of having been a child in one of the symmetrical gardens of Hai Feng, was I to die now?

I remember also a rose-glazed jar and yet another, older by many centuries, of that blue color which our potters copied from the Persians. I threw myself down on my narrow iron bed, and waited on my back. However, Albert believes that he has solved the mystery of the lost labyrinth and the chaotic novel. The labyrinth is the text, in the sense of the network of meanings through which people make the world known to themselves.