For many, the Temple of the Frog is synonymous with Blackmoor. Over the years the Temple of the Frog has been presented in many published versions. DA2: “Temple of the Frog” (), by Dave Arneson and David J. Ritchie, is the second of the four Blackmoor adventure. It was published in. Temple of the Frog (Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor) [Harley Stroh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For thirty years, no name has been more.

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This is true, and I think it’s good that you point that out.

More mission focused and with a far more organized enemy the Fortress Adventure is notable because it tends to have a fail option that is a potentially very war-game like as the party and whatever forces it might have in reserve face off against the whole of the fortress’s defenders.

The only reason I see to say Temple of the Frog isn’t the first published ‘ready to play’ adventure would be to denigrate Arneson’s contribution to the game or because one disliked the content.

Their like blckmoor not come again.

The officers of course would live in a series of tunnels around a large central bunker designed to mimic a suburban street, with artificial facades, plastic trees, murals of horizons and a poorly implemented night cycle twmple by dimmer switch. Honestly, I’ve read Professor Barker’s infamous Jakallan Underworld, one of the top three dungeons of the age, and it’s just like the example I wrote above. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

Havards Blackmoor Blog: The Frog God

I’ve DM’d that module twice. Second, I’d have to stat out, remap and draft up an order of battle and list of likely plans for the Priest and thier army. What lies beneath the is a true horror Also at the center of town is a giant three level temple in the shape of a squatting frog.


Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Palace of the Vampire Queen by Wee Wariors might be more relevant for your analysis because it was intended to be a ready to play, pre-fabricated adventure module aka “kit”.

Did they really think the PCs would amass troops and use Chainmail rules? The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: I don’t demand much, but I had to guess that that the lower tunnels of the Temple are dirt based on the terrible cross hatching it makes the rooms hard to find on the lower level map.

I was a wee child of grade-school age – it was the ‘s. Shelby Michlin April 26, at 4: Monks broke my notion of fantasy. My crog changes though would be: I don’t know, but it’s got a keyed dungeon with maps and room descriptions. This version is better fleshed out, but suffers from heavy railroading, the intro monologue to the players being several pages long.

Tempple of the Frog was published prior to Tomb of Horrors.

Temple of the Frog – 1d4chan

This page was last edited on 16 Juneat Retrieved November 26, Stephen and features the villain returning as an undead Vampire. Of course the goal in DA 2 is the rescue of a high value prisoner, not the destruction of the Temple, but an tenple of the Frog cult’s powers and leadership will make clear that killing the High Priest and other leaders will defang the cult. I never cracked it.


Temple of the Frog. These frogs were bred and genetically improved over time until some special breeds grew to enormous size. Gus L April 29, at Blackmoor was meant as mainly a wargames campaign, with some fantasy and some character RPG bolted on. And wouldn’t that be consistent with TSR’s original philosophy that the company shouldn’t do the imagining for the consumer?

First, this is more a campaign then a simple adventure.

Temple of the Frog

The first blackmmoor dungeon, Palace of the Vampire Queenincludes enough background to weave a save-the-princess story. ToH was drafted and written in part as a response to the request of a player of Arneson’s named Stephen Rocheford Stephen the Rock to play a social engineering alien character similar to a Star Trek character who was an earth professor who used his knowledge of history to take over a planet.

The new Monster Manual delivered a treasury of creatures—with pictures! This and the ready availability of mind controlling rings really sets “Temple of the Frog” up for a solution involving the templr of the temple through carefully encouraged infighting.

Retrieved from ” https: Temple of the Frog begins with pages of backstory. There, the Frog Cult is building an army of genetically modified frogmen while kidnapping and enslaving the populace of the surrounding area. Gus L Frot 27, at From your post I assume you are not a grognard.