10 “Learn The Real Science Behind Keeping A Battery In Good Shape For A Theoretically Unlimited Number Of Charge Cycles – The Battery. Peter Lindemann’s new lecture is finally available. The Battery Secrets lecture was filmed at the last Bedini conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and Therefore, by posessing this information in BATTERY SECRETS, you will actually .

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Notify me of new posts by email. Frankly, from experience, I don’t know what pdter point is in discharging a cap say at 90V over the battery, it is extremely inefficient and this gets worse the higher you go in voltage. Please take your ill-informed rants elsewhere – them and your judgments are not welcome here.

Originally Posted by Savvypro. In other words, there are trade-offs.

I hope this discussion of these issues of helpful. If you can’t respect that, then there is no way I would want to align myself with the sort of values you feel you are operating with. Others are high on their self-proclaimed altruistic morals while degrading others simultaneously.

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Let’s battsry you initially have a battery 1 that contains units on the front and a batt 2 on the back which is at units.

Now you swap and run the circuit until you have taken units from the now run battery 2 which goes back to I also go into the chemical changes that happen when a battery sits for a long period of time without use.


Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann

In response to the impedance resistance in the cells, the inductive collapse will produce an ever rising voltage to overcome it. Bedini-Lindemann Conference Anyway, this is an incredible lecture. Find all posts by Peter Lindemann. I guess the main question is, what is the point of HV cap discharges to a battery if it is so inefficient? Over the last few years with many of our Tesla Charger customers, a book or other presentation on what the battery chargers do to the batteries has become the most requested topic out of any that we have received – across all categories.

None of the experience of testing and developing the chargers are in the battery bible. Many people have been working on the Bedini circuits for many years and still have never heard much of what is in this lecture.

Any tool can market but it’s great people that open source and can see past the end of their noses. Originally Posted by Aaron Hi Andrew, There is important info from the battery bible that is in the lecture but it is not a substitute for this lecture.

Do or do not. Originally Posted by Mario Hi Aaron, like others already mentioned, I have a few years of experience in pulse charging but I still found Peter’s explanations very important and helpful, well worth the money.


Visit Peter Lindemann’s homepage! Find all posts by StweenyA. Why just about every battery charger actually harms the battery instead of it doing good.

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann

A review of what it takes to take this science and turn it into a profitable home-based business. However, depending on the computer and ilndemann available, it can go out of synch after x minutes. Find all posts by Armagdn If you put lindmann amps into a motor 15 amps come out the other side, only some potential is lost. Many people have wanted to use these processes to build a home based business and have actually been successful in doing so using this exact information!

The other one is that no energy is consumed by the work in a motor, only the losses consume energy.

I agree that open sourcing the knowledge is the way to go, however I see it as the means to get the info out. Lihdemann worry Aaron, I won’t be asking for money back.

Tesla Chargers | Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann

Wanted to get that out yesterday but have been swamped to the max. Nice to meet you too John! Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and developing alternative energy technologies.