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They really should release an eBook version of the book for those of us on the go. Tienes el ‘Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento’? After a few months I had to realise, that Assimil alone would not be enough for me.

As Gabriel pointed out, good example sentences in a foreign language with steadily increasing difficulty are hard to find, especially for a language like Hungarian that has relatively few native speakers compared to languages like French.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. It was by far the best way to go from halting book-knowledge to actual proficiency.

My language recognition is very strong after finishing the course, but my language production is extremely weak. Thank you for contributing this.

Finally, I agree that a serious learner needs to complete it with a systematic grammar book preferably with exercices. During wave 2 translating previous lessons more like an hour of combined Assimil time. Since you are learning Hungarian, on their site you can still find some cheap Hungarian-Italian, Hungarian-English, Hungarian-French edition that will provide you some extra reading stuff to improve your learning experience of this unusual a little crazy.

However, I really need a Latin American version rather than the version from Spain. The best thing you can do is to start studying now rather than wait for someone else to create the perfect course for you. We offer for companies and organizations of any size. No need to be fancy, just an overview. I have also noticed, that used Assimil courses are frequently sold for a reasonable price on the internet.


Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento Pdf Descargar – livinfail

I practiced them, kept checking my pronunciation with the recordings, and kept getting faster once my brain caught up with my mouth I was proficient. Also, the presence of a translation right next to the original text is a great help. There needs to be more awareness in the English speaking world of this series. After finishing the course I can read Harry Potter in French and articles from French newspapers and understand most of it. Easy to turn the CDs into a huge Audiobook.

I have used the older version to learn French and Russian and agree that the content was much better, very funny. Nice bit on Assimil. Overall, I was happy with the progressive method and short lessons they help to motivate the reader for a regular study without being overwhelming. Now I am learning Japanese but it is very difficult.

PS Yes the ever-present translations require self-discipline however I MUCH prefer that to doubting and dictionary page flipping which is an absolute buzz-kill when in the language practice groove!

Find a language partner. Awsimil would supplement with Rosetta Stone or Rocket Language for another 30 minutes per day. That normally takes 45 minutes. You make a great point about the variation in costs.

The text were very varied, often funny conversations but I also recall learning a poem. Great Quality recording, but starts off extremely slow in the beginning excessively ddscargar, IMO. And the only real difference is the pronunciation and the vosotros form, but even within Latin America you have a wide range of pronunciation and the voseo, which is descartar just limited to Argentina.


They do phone and web sales as well. Just like Gabriel, I would recommend Assimil as your only learning material but as an excellent additional ressource.

So had to by a different course book from a German publisher, which had a stronger focus on grammar exercises and explaining grammar.

I recently completed a written and oral assessment for placement in an aasimil program, and my weakness in oral and written expression was very obvious. Luckily I remembered enough high school French to use it — and I already had a start in Hindi with other methods.

Descargar assimil ingles sin esfuerzo mp3.

[PDF] Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento Book and MP3 CD (Spanish Edition) Popular Colection

Some of the texts of the Assimil Hungarian course seem a bit dated by now. Definitely need something grammar focused to accompany it. Arguelles has lots of great information and reviews I am glad you mentioned lngles as well. I started learning Spanish from Assimil when I went to Venezuela and it helped me a lot.