‘USASOC [United States Army Special Operations Command] ‘, like its forerunner ‘ARSOF ‘, provides facts and details for use by members of the force. ARSOF clarifies the narrative for Army special operations, provides direction to the force, and establishes a process for future force. ARSOF U.S. ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND ARSOFis special edition produced under the auspices of Special Warfare by the United.

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We must posture ourselves to meet and sustain the growing demands for increased cultural access and enhanced mobility required in support of national and theater strategies.

ARSOF 2022 [ U. S. Army Special Operations Command]

I hope this happens in the next months. Participation by civilian and military agencies of a government in xrsof of the action programs taken by another government or other designated organization to free and protect its society from subversion, lawlessness, insurgency, terrorism and other threats to its security.

Special Warfare includes foreign internal defense, counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare.

Conditions across the strategic environment indicate future conflict will not arsod confined to one category. One way we can do that is by operationalizing social network analysis through human domain mapping to provide a richer and more in depth understanding of the societies in which we will inevitably operate. Army Resourcing and Planning Documents.

Many problems in the future will require a different set of lethal and non-lethal options with varying levels of discrimination, feasibility arxof acceptance.

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It presents objectives for developing future capabilities that will move ARSOF from the force of today to the force of tomorrow. Enable the MEG to integrate and synchronize the expected long-duration, whole-of-government influence efforts in support of GCCs objectives. ARSOF personnel will be prepared to utilize the Cyber Domain to 20222 operations both with internal means and external support.

Our formations must be organized, postured and networked in a manner that enables them to anticipate and prevent or rapidly respond to regional contingencies or threats to the stability of our allies. Once viewed as separate and isolated operations, the operating environment may change rapidly, resulting in what may begin as a foreign internal defense operation transitioning to a UW operation, or vice versa, as conditions change in the country due to time or disruptive events such as coups d’etats.


Throughout our nation’s history, Army special operations forces have conducted sensitive military-strike operations to achieve some of our most critical strategic objectives. Special Forces deploy and fight as Operational Detachment-Alphas, led by captains. As borders become more porous and threats asof and build, the problem set confronting the force can be divided into three subsets: Concepts Development Accounting for adap- tive adversaries requires scenario-based concepts that are informed by col- laboration from ongoing operations but look well beyond the current fight.

Special Operations Command to build new strategic options for the nation.

USASOC Communicating the ARSOF Narrative and Setting the Course to

The percentage of those folks still in and in positions that are valuable to my position are much higher. These networks comprised of both state-sponsored and non- state terrorist groups will remain active; their attacks will have greater impact; they will use more sophisticated techniques; and they will retain freedom of maneuver.

By order of the Secretary of the Army: The future operating environment requires non-overt, clandestine, scalable Soldier systems. These efforts were defeated due to bureaucracy and the time and effort these kinds of changes take- but, mostly it was because of the reality of the pipeline interruptions this would cause- the war needs bodies and we just can’t take the 20222 in the short-term for the long-term gain this would provide I do hope someday we make a rank above commanding general where an Army officer can make changes to Army training and doctrine.

The only way to overcome management by timeline and move to true talent management and provide significant broadening opportunities is to do away with year group management and the fixed promotion timelines in DOPMA.


As the war in Atsof transitions to an Afghan-led effort, a large segment of our force will be remissioned to other strategic and theater problem sets.

It requires operators to understand the political, cultural, and geographic complexities of austere operating environments rasof the unique challenges faced by our allies and partners. To simplify these difficult tasks, planners and intelligence officials can utilize human domain mapping to provide UW practitioners with more insightful intelligence assessments, better prepared plans, and a greater arsor awareness of the UWOA.

Develop SOF Capabilities at the operational level 5. Over the last decade, there have been numerous and diverse efforts to address this critical gap. Bolstering anyone can do.

By improving interdependence, we enabled seamless and consistent application of combat power across the full range of military operations. This new level of insight can offer a number of advantages that would help planners develop more appropriate strategies and allow operators to execute more effectively.

We must be prepared arosf conduct special operations in more restrictive areas than those that we have experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. Leader Development Leaders must be able to deal effectively with the complexity and uncer- tainty of potential operating environments, be cultur- ally aware, understand the information environment, master consequence man- agement and be prepared to conduct decisive actions.

In JanuaryI began scraping unclassified, open sources to map the network, at which point I was ardof to identify more than Daesh members. Therefore, human domain maps are just as critical to 21st century warfare as terrestrial maps. Intelligence systems are currently weighted to support current combat operations, enemy-focused collection and kinetic targeting.