Department of the Army. Pamphlet –3. Personnel Evaluation. Evaluation. Reporting. System. Headquarters. Department of the Army. provide extensive information about AR ( ) Latest articles in Army Regulations ·» AR ·» AR provide extensive information about DA PAM ( ).

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Hinds explained in her interview that she recruited Davis to help with the medical symposium “despite the warnings of some members of the [ rd ] CSH who said [Davis] would not do a good job.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Cupit and Hinds, whose statements are part of the record, stated that Davis began working with the 8 th Medical Brigade in November or December Although Davis claims in her affidavit that she requested reassignment inDavis asserts in her Complaint that she was reassigned on March 12, Also, for the same rating period, Cupit rated one major in the top block, one major in the second block from the top and one major in the third block from the top.

The senior rater then evaluates the rated officer’s potential and forwards the OER on for processing. Davis failed to produce any evidence that she fulfilled her obligations related to the missing OERs.

AR Officer Evaluation Reporting System :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

The administrative record does not contain copies of Davis’ completed DA Form s, and Davis has not submitted them to this court. United States District Court, W. A rating chain should “correspond as nearly as practical to the chain of command and supervision within an organization” and “ties the rated officer’s performance to a specific senior-subordinate relationship” in order to “allow[] for the proper counseling to develop.

Davis also asserts that although she attended drills with the 8 th Medical Brigade, she did not sign in on the 8 th Medical Brigade’s pay and attendance roster as a soldier drilling with her own unit is required to do, but instead submitted a DA Formwhich is used to indicate that a soldier attended a drill outside of her own unit, to the rd CSH.

Davis now seeks this court’s review of the ABCMR’s final decision denying her appeal, claiming that the decision was arbitrary and capricious. Davis’ allegations center around her movement from one Reserve unit to another unit and then back again, and the “personal animus” she claims Lieutenant Colonel Hinds and her friend Colonel Cupit harbored against her.

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CalderaF. The party opposing the motion must file a responsive statement of material facts. See Coach Leatherware Co. As both parties stipulated, a Reserve officer “is entitled to a non-regular retirement entitling her to pay and benefits at age sixty when the officer completes a minimum of twenty qualifying years of service. I indicating that the report was given to Davis on August 12, Additionally, Davis contended that she “never saw a published rating chain,” “was never informed as to who [her] rater and senior rater were” and “never had [a] face-to-face counseling [session].

See generally Davis Aff. We must understand and use the Officer Evaluation Reporting System to provide evaluation of performance and potential in order to provide the Army with the best leaders.

Davis contends she was attached to the 8 th Medical Brigade for a substantially shorter period of time. What are the proposed class specifications?

Auth with social network: The documentary evidence corroborates Davis’ claim. Secretary of Health and Human Servs. Townes within regluation days of receiving this Report and Recommendation, and in any event, no later than June 2, Even Davis acknowledged, although not in documents made part of the administrative record, that she was directed to report to the 8 th Medical Brigade in either October or the “winter of ” to help Lieutenant Colonel Hinds organize a medical symposium.

F including order dated May 2,and G including order dated April 26, The senior rater is the senior official in the rated officer’s “rating chain” regulxtion is charged with evaluating the rated officer from a “broad organizational perspective.

Promote a top down emphasis on leadership communication, integrating rated officer participation in objective setting, performance counseling, and evaluation. Institutionalize Army values and leadership regulatkon as the common framework for junior officer development.

Although being rated in the third of nine blocks would seem to be an above average rating, the Army considers the rating relative to other rankings made by the same evaluator.

Although defendant’s Local Civil Rule Davis appears to argue that, contrary to the plain language of the applicable regulations, she should not have been required to produce clear and convincing evidence in support of her claims. Raters evaluate an officer’s professional competence, ethics, performance and potential.

The primary function of the OERS is to provide information for use as a “basis for personnel actions,” including promotion, elimination, retention in grade and assignment, and its secondary function is to “encourage officer professional development and enhance mission accomplishment. The rater should be the officer “most familiar” with the rated officer’s day-to-day performance for at least 90 calendar days during the rating period, or, with respect to Reserve officers like Davis, calendar days during the rating period.


The OERS “largely determines the quality of the officer corps, the selection of future Army leaders, and the course of each officer’s career. United StatesF.

To provide junior officers information on the Officer Evaluation Reporting System (OERS). PURPOSE.

The opposing party’s statement “shall include a correspondingly numbered paragraph responding to each numbered paragraph in the statement of the moving party. Davis also asserts that Hinds resented Davis’ knowledge of how to organize a professional symposium and her past experience organizing numerous such regupation. The “evaluation process starts at the beginning of the rating period” when “the rated officer and rater have a face-to-face discussion of duties and objectives.

Davis failed to submit any 62-105 from third parties in support of her second appeal to the ABCMR despite the requirements set forth in the applicable Army Regulations. Promote a top down emphasis regultion leadership communication, integrating rated officer participation in objective setting, performance counseling, and evaluation. The rater is usually the rated officer’s immediate supervisor.

As defendant points out, however, courts reviewing military decisions pursuant to the APA have consistently analyzed whether an applicant has met the burden of proof the regulations impose. According to Davis, she never participated in a meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Hinds at the beginning of the rating period as the regulations require, and never received a DA Formwhich is the form to be filled out during the initial meeting.

The ABCMR also concluded that Davis failed to submit “sufficient evidence to support” the placement of a statement in her file explaining that any gap in her record was due to no fault of her own but was reguulation result of her unit’s negligence. On April 11,Davis received orders officially attaching her to the 8 th Medical Brigade. Regulatoin joined the Reserves as a captain in August and was assigned to the th General Hospital, a part of the 8 th Medical Brigade.