While in a very silly mood nearly a decade ago, myself and a friend bought Katherine by Anya Seton for 75p from a market stall because we. I first read Katherine by Anya Seton when I was 13 – and it still works its magic on me. What about Katherine by Anya Seton, which is based on the life of Katherine Swynford? This is one of my all-time favourite historical novels; it’s absolutely.

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Katherine becomes the prince’s mistress, and discovers an extraordinary world of power, pleasure and passion.

View all 15 comments. This is La Seton describing Katherine, in her youthful innocence, meeting her future baby-daddy’s first wife: Katherine suffered many trials in her life — this is not a romantic comedy. He turns out to be my-t-fine in the sack, bonus! Katherine comes to court as to join her sister as a servant to the queen.

But it is a nice piece of synchronicity. Lincoln is a beautiful town and her body is laid to rest in the cathedral there. While things picked up quickly thereafter and I fell in love along with Katherine I was still cursing the injustice.

Anne O’Brien gave a lecture in our Museum lecture auditorium and the place was packed to the rafters!

Quick changes here – I am on page and, yup I do like it again. It’s weird — I get a lot of traffic to this blog from people searching for information about Katherine Swynford and one of the things that they are looking for most of all is whether there is a film … I can’t quite believe that nobody has ever made one.


One can argue that although “Katherine” is easy-to-read; it is somewhat uneventful and boring. This was seen as being largely due to the public disgust at his lifestyle. Your email address will not be published. A tender love story with a solid feel for the Middle Ages in all its grit.

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to rush out and find out the true story behind it when you’re done because you just can’t let it go. Anya Seton was a best selling author in the 50s and 60s. But I do like books that describe a research process and Alison Weir has worked miracles with deductions from account books.

Hehe, thanks for commenting despite that hassle! I am not as attached to them as I am to Katherine so it means little to me.

What an immensely extraordinary force she must have been https: Roy Jacobsen weton Essential Norwegian Fiction. Those boorish, gross, lip-smacking, taxed-to-death, bored, obstreperous, pains in the ass. You may also like. The atmosphere is brilliant, and I felt immersed in the medieval world.

It brings to life — as all decent historical fiction does — the world and inner thoughts of those who have left us nothing but marble effigies and flattened lifeless portraits. Black Box Thinking Matthew Syed.

This seon romance novel tells the true story of the love affair that changed history—that of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, the ancestors of most of the British royal family. Saying that it was well researched and well executed is like saying “Oh my, I feel a draft,” while a hurricane rips the roof off your house and brings a tree crashing into your living room. This book is now out of print. The Anya Seton books were such a find for me as we moved from one Navy base to another in the late 50’s and early sixties and I searched the base libraries for ‘readable’ history.


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Katherine by Anya Seton (, Hardcover) | eBay

Too often you read sentences like this: I cursed the injustice of life in the ‘s and moaned and whined my way through A kkatherine love story based on Engish Royal lineage. And that’s saying something. Katherine Swynford was a significant figure in English history. While the historical details are rich, it was the title character of Katherine mistress and later wife to John of Gaunt that kept me from setln this novel.

Review: Katherine, Anya Seton vs. Katherine Swynford, Alison Weir

To ask other readers questions about Katherineplease sign up. For me, the seams itched and the sleeves were too short and the zipper caught me in a painful and distracting way. Had it no I think I like historical fiction better than historical romance This Katherine becomes the first wife of Henry the 8th.

I ended up siding with the peasants.