Anton Lembede () helped revitalize and provided much of the philosophical foundation for black resistance to white supremacy in South Africa in the. View the profiles of people named Anton Lembede. Join Facebook to connect with Anton Lembede and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Anton Musiwakhe Lembede (21 January – 30 July ) was a South African activist and founding president of the ANC Youth League.

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Nelson Mandela wrote, “One night in I met Anton Lembede, who held master of arts and bachelor of law degrees, and A. His father Mbazwana Martin was a farm labourer and his mother was a teacher. The Youth League led and drove a more revolutionary approach in the ANC of those years, and once more Anton Lembede was a key and instrumental figure before his untimely death.

Archived from the original on 2 February His untimely death in at the age of 33 sent a wave of grief through the Congress Youth, who had looked to him for moral as well as political leadership. In he left for the United Kingdom, where he trained as an aircraft maintenance engineer. Retrieved 5 August In after graduation by Adams College, he not only took up teaching posts but he also pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in his spare time.

He was given the name “Anton” by a priest at Eston. We are therefore today remembering and paying tribute to a man that has left an indelible mark on developments within our organisation and in the history of the liberation of our country. Anton Lembede aged Marxism, speaking directly to the growing working classes, had gained among black intellectuals. It was only when Anton turned 13 that he started his formal education at the Catholic Inkanyezi School. When he began law practice inhe had also earned the respect of his fellows, not only for his intellectual achievements which were manybut also for his dedication to the cause of freedom in South Africa.

To this spirit could be grafted elements of other cultures, such as Christian morality, appropriate to modern life, but the African spiritual foundation was crucial.


Timeline of Anton Lembede

Lembede was a key member of that delegation that in went to see Dr Xuma at his house to inform him of our intention to organise a Youth League and that presented him with the draft constitution and manifesto. Lembede was regarded as the progenitor of anhon “Programme of Action” that was adopted as a guiding document by the meeting of the African National Congress. Archived from the original on 5 August Lembede, who had just begun practicing law in Johannesburg, was known for his sharp intellect, fiery personality, and unwavering commitment to the struggle at hand.

We share in the respect that our organisation is paying to his memory and legacy through this event.

Anton Lembede

Retrieved 4 August This gave others the impression that Mda was steering Lembede from behind the scenes, but in fact they clashed in privately on many issues of principle. This inferiority complex he saw as the greatest barrier to liberation.

Lembede lembeede a funeral with many notable attendees. The league wanted to reform the ANC, which they described as “a body of gentlemen with clean hands”. He thus developed the concept of “Africanism, ” which involved a vigorous African nationalism and the rejection of European standards as the basis for African behavior. Remember me Forgotten password?

As a student he was noted for dedication, his brilliance with languages and his family’s obvious poverty. The ANC had steadily protested treatment of blacks; its methods, reflecting the largely middle class membership, involved cooperation with liberal whites and work within the established system. Share lejbede Print this article Email this article. From Protest to Challenge: While African nationalism remains lsmbede vibrant strand of African political thought in South Africa today, Lembede stands out as the first to have constructed a philosophy of African nationalism.

South African History Online. Lembede finally registered for a Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy in However, Moerane was not to take a leading role in the formation of the League and lwmbede has not been noted in popular histories of the ANCYL. Their lembedf and sense of sacrifice, however, outmatched the cruelties of the apartheid regime. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Lembede, often working with Mda, became the leading theoretician of the departure from ANC orthodoxy. Since then he has worked for organisations on peace and development issues. This document was to go on to be a leading policy of the ANC.

Otherwise, Africans would be deflected from fulfilling their own needs and remain dependent on whites. One of his teachers at college was Albert Luthuli before he left for Groutville Mission Reserve to take up his position as Chief.

As his editors concede, much of his thought antton influenced by the biological determinism that was such a staple ingredient in the scientific racism that accompanied totalitarian nationalism.

Today as the Youth League works and operates under the changed circumstances of a non-racial democracy in which your parent body is now the governing party, many of the calls made by Lembede remain as relevant. Did you like this article? For him a complete African youth possessed unparalleled love for the people and, in the service of these people, was armed with the most modern educational skills and knowledge.

Once Africanism had become established, Africans could confront white power directly.

Timeline of Anton Lembede – Cyril Ramaphosa

As mentioned elsewhere, I cannot pinpoint a precise lembeede when I became politicised and knew with a sudden blinding flash that I would spend my life in the liberation struggle. The applicability of those particular methods might have changed with the radically different circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Sadly, Lembede died prematurely on the 30 th of July at the age of July 30, aged Lembede’s views at lembeede time were more practical than political and he wrote about the need for education and self-reliance.

At the house of Walter Sisulu I met with many of those who would have such formative influence; amongst them was Anton Lembede whom I first met at Walter’s lembedf in Urban blacks, the league felt, needed more militant leadership.