I have an anilam that quit working. Will the drive motors from the anilam work with a mach 3 system. And where does a person find a. Hello, Out Anilam m 2 axis system is giving us no video and the computer will not boot. Does anyone know how to repair the system?. Anilam is the company that makes the control. I run a Sharp knee mill with a Aniliam M control. I’m not familiar with the M or sure what.

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Need to change the CPU!

You would need to order Part s. This is going to save a viewable backup of the configuration file. If you’re not ready for CAM programming you can do most everything if anlam learn the machines geometry calculator.

aniilam Any large shift in amperage on Y axis could be. Remove the motion control board only after you touch the cabinet to discharge any static electricity which may have built up on your body.

Go to the setup utility screen. Subprogram Return Without A Call: Adjusting the signal for each axis do the following steps. The following procedure will help to determine what the problem could be. Signal gain not set properly.


Anilam M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis pdf – CNC Manual

This is the good and the bad of big companies. Repeat steps H through K in this section! Check the markings on the encoder. When I tried to run the control software on the PC, it would bomb out on certain key inputs, but Jerry told me to disable every kind of cache and shadow in the BIOS, and that did the anulam.

Anilam 1100M Programming Manual CNC Three Axis

If the problem remains then most likely the key got erased when the cable was in backwards. If you can move the axis back and forth, then the card is OK, we need to check all the boards the same way. The first suggestion to speed up the DNC down load is to turn text scrolling off.

Check and verify if you have a metal braided cable connecting the servo cabinet to the computer cabinet. Press the F9 key Utility and Highlight Copy. Jerry has helped me set up a PC that will run the control software, and which theoretically could replace the one in the mill.

If there is a particular axis that when moved causes the servo to shut off, check to see if the axis counts. I run a Sharp knee mill with a Aniliam M control.


This is required prior. The problem occurs after you have run the part a couple of times. Check for shorts in the cable and check for shorting to ground in the same cable. Construction Data base is full: If yes go to step 4. Press the F2 key to run the X axis in the positive direction.

Series trouble shooting guide

What does a guy have to do to avoid wasting time like we did in looking for a machine? Please repair as necessary and recheck if everything now works correctly. Anilam is the 110m that makes the control. I used CAM mostly. I don’t have their number right now as I am on vacation for a few days.

wnilam But the control appears to have been ahead of it’s time. Repeat this for the next axis to be checked. The following message is what you should see. If the VDC across 2 screws on the capacitor is present, look at the drive cards. I have the manuals, but they are just as bad as anyone Else’s.