growing list–is Edward Aldwell and Carl Schachter’s Harmony and Voice. Leading. * Unlike Peter Westergaard, whose Introduction to Tonal Theory uses. Harmony & Voice Leading by Aldwell, Schachter & Cadwallader. Edward Aldwell , Carl Schachter with Allen Cadwallader Schirmer, pp xvi + ISBN Edward Aldwell,. Carl Schachter. · Rating details · 70 ratings · 4 reviews. A comprehensive volume spanning the entire theory course, HARMONY AND.

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The companion website has both streaming and downloadable mp3 files of all the musical example in the text, a znd of exercises and an electronic version of the student workbook.

The experience of the authors enables them to predict areas that might cause difficulty and slow the pace; so they increase the illustrative examples accordingly to help. In almost three dozen chapters, of between a dozen and two dozen pages each, a very broad range of topics pertaining to how music is constructed is covered.

This voice leading occurs frequently. Certainly isolate a specific area and work on it.

Harmony and Voice Leading

Should one know the terms well enough he or she could easily find mistakes in this edition. Note that the following ii7 has been kept mixed: The book first appeared in so has the twin advantages of recency yet pedigree. Bar 2, beat 3: Michael rated it really liked it Jan 12, Email lessons can be highly interactive, as this example amply illustrates: Applying that principle in this instance, we can use a vii6 instead of the ii6, to produce the progression: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Trivia About Harmony and Voice Aldwell asks why this exercise Ex. Here, the chromatic passing tone is fully harmonized, on the way to V6, in order to ans how the chromatic passing tone can give rise to a mixed tonic triad. No trivia or quizzes yet. This fourth edition it’s a volume schavhter a venerable historypublished this year, now contains detailed coverage of species counterpoint. Rather, how music from the common practice period works the ways it does in terms of harmony.

Classical Net Review – Aldwell/Schachter/Cadwallader – Harmony & Voice Leading

I had asked Gustave to compose a number of short passages that would explore and illustrate the chord usage and voice-leading described in the chapter. Be the first to ask a question about Harmony and Voice Leading.

This emphasis on “bespoke” music is really one of the book’s strongest aspects. Hendrik Kits Aodwell Heyningen rated it liked it Mar 22, Mixture can be applied to entire phrases. Harmony and Voice Leading by Edward Aldwell. It seems that several previous sets of errors have been ironed out in the edition.


This is one of the exceptions that Aldwell went over in the chapter on vii6 — see and the paragraph that precedes that illustration as well. And there are very few if any omissions of relevant material. It deals extensively and exhaustively with the basic musical theory necessary to understand harmony; more advanced topics are then covered, such as dissonance and chromaticism as part of a wider discussion of voice-leading.

I recomend this to the musician who is already farmiliar with music thoery.

Aldwell-Schachter Chapter 24

Jul 26, Richard Pohl rated it really liked it Shelves: To make it truly unforgettable, change the opening chord from I to a I This example borrows a achachter from the relative minor.

David Julian rated it liked it Mar 06, Many of the score extracts are cleanly annotated.

There are six main sections of between about 80 and pages dealing with “The Primary Materials and Procedures”, I-V-I and its elaboration, more advanced chord techniques, figuration and dissonance and chromaticism, although the latter in particular doesn’t stray into atonality.