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I am finding it difficult to get some series chips locally, like today I had problems with the 74LS You needed to use terminating resistors on every signal, though.

74 Series IC Data Sheet Index

Get as many data books as you can and study them until you familiarize yourself with all these differences. Probably for portable applications. What the optimal datashete is depends on all kinds dtasheet factors: Supply is generally 0V and -5V, rather than 5V and 0V.

It means Emittor Coupled Logic and it is extensively used in high speed digital data handling systems. What to use in the daily practice? Back in the 70’s, you had and 74S The termination resistors in the interface cable used more power than an entire modern HDD. Can anyone point me to a reference that tells me the difference between all the 74xx series logic families? However, it was very power hungry. It means transmission in this case and the propagation time or propagation delay is the time in which a signal travels through a gate.


Can unused inputs float? You should never leave an input open, because the circuit can start to oscillate, which costs a lot of energy and can disturb the working of the rest of the circuit.

Bipolar is generally very fast. Uses Schottky barrier diodes from memory between the base and collector to prevent the dataseet saturating, hence improving speed when they turn off. These can usually be run of supplies from about 3 to 15V.

The backplane was connected with wire-wrap. Open inputs At In earlier days, chips needed all kinds of weird voltages. I encountered stuff like this inside a 70’s era Control Data disk drive. They even had to lower the power voltages to keep the heat production down.

All other types of 74 chips were faster or used less energy or whatever. Some are OK with that, others aren’t. It gives a guite good overview of these logic-IC families, with properties, differences, etc Dataxheet you want to make something that can also be used in cold or hot climates for example. When connecting the input to a neighboring pin, you’ll have to consider the load on the given signal.

Cray’s were made with it. They were already obsolete in the late 70’s 74lz01 I started tinkering with this stuff. Also the 74ls04 that was often used in an oscillator circuit couldn’t be replaced by dstasheet 74HCT04, but they produce a special version, the 74HCU04 that can be used in this special way. The entire unit was about the size of a modern office photocopier, and weighed more. For some technologies it seems to be recommended to connect the 5V via a relatively low-R resistor 4k7 for example.


A digital output is internally usually connected with one transistor to the 5V and one transistor to the 0V. Power inputs of a chip can normally withstand dayasheet power surge, but inputs may not. It might however increase the power usage during the moment of switching when the two gates should have significantly different switching times, but that is of course very unlikely.

74 Series IC Data Sheet Index – [XLS Document]

You can’t use the 74HCT04 as an oscillator with a crystalas was often done. Uses lots of current to achieve high speed. If the signal takes too long the circuit may start to behave badly at first at higher temperatures etc. Two Queries At Input currentin both high and low states. It was safer to moisten your finger first so the temperature would stay below degrees C. Maybe you were just getting 74LS Difference between 54 and 74 family By Greg Smith The specs for 54xx usually show 7l4s01 as being slower 74ls011 74xx, although in fact this is probably just a derating for the extended temp range.